Smashed Car Parts

Smashed Cars
When motor vehicles end up in an accident and get written off because of extensive damage, there are parts that can still be salvaged. That is where a company that specializes in these smashed cars buys the wrecks and makes them available to mechanics that buy certain parts they need to repair cars. The parts are usually in a good condition and are sold at a fair price saving everybody money all round. 

The company I am referring to in this instance is called Smashed Used Auto Parts who keep damaged cars in stock on their premises in Fairleads, Benoni, South Africa so that customers can access a very large variety of used vehicle spares from them at unbeatable prices. Smashed Used Auto Parts was started in 2016 with one car. Since then the company has grown to include more than 2000 smashed vehicles of many brands. The company has a huge following that access their massive parts stock and therefore benefit by saving on new replacements. 

To keep up with the great demand they buy more stock on a weekly basis. Therefore, it is advisable to always be in contact with them to be able to get hold of their latest acquisitions. Smashed Used Auto Parts has a dedicated WhatsApp group where they keep in touch with everyone. They also encourage people to register with them so that they can be kept in the loop regarding new acquisitions. Obviously, this applies to people who operate locally and can call on the business.


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