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Ultimate Weight Loss Formula

Here is the ultimate weight loss formula. But beware there are some serious side effects when you start the program. You might find yourself spending money on trying to alleviate some of the symptoms to make the experience more comfortable. You may develop symptoms like aches and pains in your muscles all over your body. When this happens don't consult your doctor. Back pains may occur at times. Sometimes another side effect can be the feeling of limbs that feel like lead. Just ignore those feelings. Psychologically you may get thoughts of doubt and wanting to give up. Warning! Ban those ridiculous thoughts from your mind! Another symptom is often loneliness when taking your formula. If that happens, start talking to yourself. Those are the cons. Here are the pros. Lose about 600 g per week if taken correctly. Feelings of freedom and release of stress - euphoria can occur. Being energised for longer periods. Brain functions take a giant leap for the better. Better self

Southern Skies 2015

Southern Skies 2015 24 Hour Race was great. This year the weather was sunny with a slight chill in the air. We arrived in Parys on Friday afternoon and found the perfect spot to camp. A little while later Sean, Janine and kids arrived and we pitched our tents and unpacked our gear. The new additions to our team were Wouter and Mundy. Maggie and I visited the registration counter and also bought some new riding gear. When they announced that the course was open for a test run I was all for it and went for the ride to see what they had created. After climbing and climbing over various sections I finally came across the most awesome downhill stretch. Throwing caution to the wind I allowed my bike to build up speed and I literally flew down the single track as my full suspension mountain bike glided effortlessly over uneven patches. I was tempted to look down at the bike computer on the handlebars to see how fast I was going, but decided that all my attention was needed to remain in