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 An idea is just an idea if that is all we do when thinking about things. Once upon a time man looked at birds and the idea came up that it would be great to fly like a bird. Then, we could rise above the ground and move through the air to cover great distances and be able to see more and further, almost like being on a high mountain. At various stages in history “inventors” puzzled over the complexity of flight with no success at all. Some even died trying out their ideas. This went on for some time until someone cleverer came along. He applied more imagination and testing to the idea of flight and decided to be more practical and change the shape of the wing to a curved surface. More testing took place, and some laws of aerodynamics were formulated and tested or put into practice. The results were better. The idea was developed further with more testing (action). Success didn’t come overnight. No, the “inventors” bravely and patiently continued with their efforts. Now, man can fly wi

Small Actions - Big Results

  The picture above is from a video where one dog struggled to carry the branch and came to a fallen tree in the path where it couldn't continue. The second dog came to the rescue and helped to get the branch past the log and together they ran along with both of them carrying the branch. Someone shared the video on LinkedIn which I enjoyed and also added my own story as well. Small actions often lead to huge results. Let's apply this to 2024. For instance, add a little kindness to relationships and how we treat people. The results can be astounding. Add a little more value to others and see big results. Isn't that what this is all about? Most people will try and pull you down to their level. Just respond with a kind word, then be quiet. That will hit home. I think people will respect you more and you will stand out from the crowd. Maybe we should apply that in how we think about our country and load shedding. Get ourselves into a positive frame of mind instead of complainin