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Lost in Love - Charlotte Roth

Hi friends, Sorry I've been silent for such a long time. As a writer, it feels odd to say that I've been lost for words. But I have... At the end of summer, I lost my dad-in-law. I call him that 'cause that's who he was to me--my second dad. The grief was overwhelming and for the longest time, I couldn't write. See, he was one of my biggest fans. He was so not my target audience but he loved every single thing I ever wrote--my emails, my silly texts (always signed, "the crazy lady with all the spoiled rotten kids") and, yes, my books..."It's like I can hear your voice and see you laugh when I read your books," he always used to say. I just finished my latest book, Lost in Love . I finally managed to write again because he would've wanted me to. And, oh, how I wish he could read this one too. His favorite book was my first book ever, Lost in Seattle, and I'm sure he would have loved to read more about this crazy family in the

1965 Chevy C10 Pick Up Hotrod - Wessels Motors

Wessels Motors agreed to an update to their website recently. They have been a client of mine since I bought my rather old 1998 Merc. We only trust them to service our car and it gives us good mileage without any problems. Below is an interesting article that I think many petrol heads would enjoy. Old vehicles were manufactured to last. Thank you JPW Manufacturing . 1965 Chevy C10 Pick Up Eugene Els from Kempton Park grew up around cars. His dad used to fix cars in his spare time and Eugene used to hang out with him as a kid whilst he was busy. It was from here that his interest in cars grew. He always had a soft spot for a classic, however; he did not want an old car with an underpowered engine and bad breaking so the solution for him was always going to be a Hotrod. The paint, the colour, the engine – the whole look just appeals to him. Eugene Els’ brother-in-law Ross picked up the 1965 Chevy C10 from a township in Rustenburg. At the time, Eugene didn’t even know what

Every Man Loves What He Is Good At

I started typing this article in Grammarly and titled it, "Ups and Downs," but changed it after I found an appropriate image to "Every man loves what he is good at." I hope you will enjoy reading it. Yesterday I watched a video on Facebook where a guy was talking about life and how we don't like negative changes that come into our lives. There are times when we are happy and times when we are sad because of a loss or when a loved one has died. He painted different scenarios that are opposites in our lives and made the point that if everything remained the same, it's like a constant flat line - just like when you die. But the ups and downs in our lives are like an ECG graph of our heartbeat going up and down continuously. That was his perception of being alive. Nothing remaining constant, but moving up and down all the time. To take it a step further, the next time when I'm down I can accept that and know that things will get better just like he

SA Platforms

SA Platforms, a fantastic client of mine, sponsored a cherry picker to assist with a power outage problem in the Risiville/Three Rivers East & Property Community . They are people with big hearts and I'm proud to be associated with them. I have promoted their services before and this proves that SA Platforms is a community-conscious company that can be trusted to deliver valuable services at all times. Below is a copy of a message thanking them for their assistance. A HUGE BIG Thanks to / for sponsoring the cherry picker for BXC to use in our Ward .... Thanks also to Oupa and his team from BXC (Smart Meters) who are jumping in to assist with the Power Outages in our Ward - Even if the problem isn't theirs (It's an ELM problem) Thanks to Dalene Venter - Bokka I do NOT know how you do it every day! I would've thrown in the towel on the 1st day It's humbling to see everyone just gelling together to try an

Foto Connect - Photo Print Shop Kempton Park

FOTO CONNECT DIGITAL PRINTING AND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SHOP Foto Connect is a one-stop digital photo printing shop that has recently moved to shop no. 3 at Goodies Restaurant complex, 4 Vlei Street, Glen Marais, Kempton Park. If you are from the area then it is a very convenient location with a recently tarred parking area. When you go to other centres you usually have to drop off your images for printing and return later because, well, they are shopping centres. But if you go to Foto Connect at the Goodies Restaurant complex you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere in the garden area and enjoy your favourite beverage while your photos are being printed. While you are there you can pop in at the other shops, have your hair done, or even have your car washed. If you are hungry you can order a delicious meal at the Goodies Restaurant - you can view their big menu online . There are actually lots of things to do at Goodies. If you are planning to have your photo enlarged fo

Mobile Elevating Lifting Platform Training - SA Platforms

Mobile Elevating Lifting Platform Training For real, relevant and relationship-based training, talk to  SA Platforms . They have been doing great things in this industry for years now. For comprehensive and professional Mobile Elevating Lifting Platform Training, which is endorsed by the Services Seta and Institute for Work at Heights (IWH), they offer: Full course for novices (Minimum 3 days) License re-certification course (Minimum 2 days) Recognition of Previous Learning (RPL) option (Minimum 2 days) Type-specific training is also available (1 day per type) Note: all learners attending our courses, will be given in addition to usual learning material: Laminated pocket pre-inspection checklist Laminated pocket risk analysis checklist Actual A4 risk analysis and pre-inspection documentation ready for use Contact details: Marcell – 082 850 5226 – SA Platforms is an excellent company that rents and sells Cherry pickers under the G