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Black Friday Cheer!

So here we are on Black Friday - something I had no knowledge about until I Googled it. Yesterday I was doing the rounds visiting some clients when my scooter suddenly cut out under me. This was far from home. What to do? I lifted up the seat to access the battery where the fuse was questionable in the past, but I had forgotten to keep the screwdriver in the bike for emergencies. Slowly pushing the bike (like paddling) whilst sitting on it I continued with the road I was on, my mind trying to come up with a solution to my predicament. From previous posts you will see that this bike was a tricky lady and the mechanics that worked on her were not the best. They usually made all sorts of claims about how good they were but never delivered 100% on their promises. Anyway, continuing down the road I stopped opposite a small business operating from a home - they fix things like industrial polishers and floor scrubbers. I explained my predicament to the owner and he delegated

The Purpose of Living

My screensaver on my computer I wake up and see it's 3:30 a.m. and go to the kitchen for a cup of tea. With my bible I settle into my lazy boy and open the Word at the beginning. There I read about how God created light and the account of how the earth was made. After reading that I get to the part that says, "Let us make people in our image to be like ourselves. They will be masters over all life. So God created people in his own image; God patterned them after himself; male and female he created them." Then God blessed them. A bit further on in the account I read about how he communicated with man. The rest of the bible is full of this communication between man and God. So I relax and think about this for a while until Maggie, my wife comes to the lounge and looks at the messages on her mobile phone. She discovers that my nephew committed suicide. Shocking news! My mind is full of questions about how this could have happened, but no answers come to mind. He seeme