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Bushveld Gold Charcoal, Briquettes, Firewood, Firelighters

Bushveld Gold charcoal, briquettes, and firewood are new products that will make your braai a pleasure. These braai products are now available from . CHARCOAL Quality bushveld hardwood charcoal ready for the braai. Long-burning charcoal making your braai a pleasure. Best choice. BRIQUETTES For those who prefer lighting up with briquettes, we have the perfect hardwood briquettes to make your braai a success. FIREWOOD Genuine bushveld hardwood firewood for the perfect braai. Long-burning hardwood firewood producing perfect coals that will satisfy any braai enthusiast. FIRELIGHTERS Bushveld Gold firelighters to get your fire going. Clients who have already been using these products for some time now keep coming back for more. It must be because they are satisfied! Why don't you get yours on the website today?

Holding On To Hurt - Gift

Happy almost Summer I'm so glad you're still here with me. I've been out/off for a long time, trying to recover from major knee surgery. I'm not going to bore you with the details but it's been rough (on me, my family and the puppy, of course ;-) . But, now I'm back and catching up! In honor of NATIONAL GUN VIOLENCE AWARENESS DAY, JUNE 2nd, I would love to offer you a FREE copy of Holding on to Hurt-a gripping story about a school shooting and a mother's unconditional love, CLICK HERE . I would also like to offer you a chance to win a signed copy. To enter, you'll need to go to my author FACEBOOK PAGE and offer your thoughts about how we can keep our kiddos safe in school. Winner will be randomly picked & announced Monday. Hope you are all well and happy. Take care, <3 Charlotte A special message from our author friend, Charlotte Roth.