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About My Blog Called New Dimensions

  About My Blog Called New Dimensions I kicked off my first Blogger post on 25 February 2013 with " Is your switchgear getting old? " This was, of course, not my first blog post ever and it was very short, but it was a start. One of my first blog posts was on a platform called Typepad . I don't know why I fancied Typepad at the time. I wrote about ideas being seeds . “Ideas are like seeds that soar across the highways of time seeking the right landing place - they enter by way of silence and have the ability to change your life. Gently they alight on receptive minds and spread their influence in fertile soil. The right attitude causes them to bloom resulting in an aha moment. Combined with imagination infinite possibilities result. Constant meditation adds nourishment to the process causing expansion and assimilation. There are huge benefits to the seeking soul which attracts great ideas like a magnet. If, however, these precious seeds are neglected, they soon take flight

Lesotho Trip Book Extract

  Extract from my book on our Lesotho trip. When I think about how we were able to go from village to village, community to community to minister and always meet up with a lot of people, then I now realize that Seth must have notified everyone in advance of our plans (his plans). No telephones or cell phones around those days so he must have journeyed all over the place in advance to organize everything. That was a masterpiece all on its own those days. The places we ministered at were spread out all over the countryside and involved a lot of hiking across rough terrain. Seth did it all so that us city folks could just pitch up and minister without a hitch. Our first ministry our was around the vicinity of our base camp which was quite hilly - up and down the mountain side - looking for shepherd boys and locals to minister to. Our leader, Pastor Mark carried a loud hailer. He would speak into it and his voice was carried great distances to people on the hills. Then we would walk or cli