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Tiny Dot Studio - Awesome

A stained glass window, stained glass door panels or a stained glass lampshade to decorate your home! The most beautiful windows are made with stained glass. Above are some of the most beautiful examples made by Petro of  Tiny Dot Studio . Because of hard work, professional workmanship, and customer service Tiny Dot Studio has been added to the Aw-Sum Community Directory . I will quote from my previous article as follows: “Okay, you get the picture. A window is a two-dimensional object. Now add light to it and it becomes three dimensional. Close your eyes and picture the most exquisite stained glass window in a church that you visited once. What do you experience? Many more dimensions, hey. You start to hear organ music and a choir singing - heavenly music. Your memories take you back to a special time in your life. The colours in the design represent many different things like the red depicting a pleasant warmth of love. The blue represents the sky and heaven - a higher dime

Supa-Fit Your Car

Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop is situated at the GT Centre next to The Great North Road is a great place to supa-fit your vehicle. GT Centre is well-known to people in the Kempton Park area and Supa-Fit is a great vehicle repair, maintenance, and mechanical workshop. Services • Tyres This means that you can buy new tyres for your car and have them balanced and the wheel alignment can be done there.  • Exhausts If your car needs a new exhaust or even a free-flow exhaust fitted, Supa-Fit can do it.  • Service your car Maybe your car isn't performing well, and you are considering an engine overhaul, then Supa-Fit has the right workshop, equipment, and technicians to get the job done.  • Brakes, etc. They also do brakes, cv joints, tow bars, batteries and fix punctures. They also do turbo conversions. You can't miss their workshop when you are traveling on the Great North Road because they have painted their logo in big letters against a red backgro

Chiropractor Follow-up 2019

The last time I wrote about the chiropractor it was about doing a check-up for 2019 .  I’m sure everyone wants to enjoy a healthy life so this may be something important to read. When I was younger, I heard people talking about chiropractors and how they helped them with their health issues. Being a reasonably healthy guy myself I just ignored what those people were talking about and I thought they were a bit odd. Then, about 3 years ago I had a rather bad episode with my back. I became like an invalid and suffered much pain. The doctor I went to was suggesting a back operation as the only cure. I asked for an injection for the excruciating pain. That only exacerbated the problem. Then we met a friend in the supermarket who told my wife about her husband who had been cured by chiropractic treatment. Guess what I did next? Yes, I booked an appointment with her chiropractor. That wasn’t the right move either. Just like my previous visit to the wrong doctor, my condit