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Rent a Cherry Picker/Lifting Platform

  Rent a Cherry Picker/Lifting Platform Rent a lifting platform, also known as a cherry picker, from SA Platforms in Vanderbijlpark and you get exceptional service.  SA Platforms have been renting out cherry pickers since 2013 . That's when I first wrote about them: "There are many types of cherry picker machines, some of which are trailer mounted and driven by diesel motors or electric or even both. To get a better idea of some of the most popular machines you can go to to have a look. The company that specializes in renting or selling these machines called cherry pickers is SA Platforms." On September 02, 2015 , I wrote the following: SA Platforms now have a mobile responsive website at . They continue doing a fantastic job of renting or selling cherry pickers and mobile lifting platforms of various configurations to companies needing these machines. They also provide excellent training to operators of these machines.