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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Last minute Christmas gifts...and running out of ideas?! Contact us and let us make you something small and inexpensive. Yes, these are from Petro of Tiny Dot Studio . I wrote about her beautiful stained glass creations and, surprise! she has come up with some lovely ideas for gifts.

In Loving Memory - Charlotte Roth

A message from Charlotte Roth Today's date is tattooed in my heart <3 As a writer, I always try to comment on the social settings and the emotional world around me... Last year, I wrote a very heartfelt book about a mother's struggle to keep her son alive after he's shot in a school shooting. If you're interested in a free e-copy, I would love to give it to ( see description in comments ). All you have to do is PM me or write in comments. PS. The story will make you think and you might need a tissue or two. Take care and all the best <3 Facebook link

Congratulations Maret Pro Lab

Congratulations Maret Pro Lab on your new website in 2018.  Also for creating memories for your thousands of clients through the high quality of your photography and printing. All the school photographs that you took and printed for the parents took a lot of work. What I have seen of your work is of a very high standard and I'm sure your clients were very satisfied. You also printed a photograph on canvas and stretch-framed it for me and my client was impressed with the results. May you have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2019. Keep up the good work. For photography, printing, framing, promotional gifts, and corporate clothing contact Maret Pro Lab for professional results.

Congratulations SA Platforms

Congratulations SA Platforms on your recent joint venture with the Dickinson Group in Zambia. It was an important milestone in 2018. When assistance was needed in your community you were there to help. You trained many operators of cherry pickers how to work proficiently and safely with lifting platforms. Then, you provided excellent service in the rental and sales of cherry pickers. May your Christmas be blessed and 2019 be a year of great opportunities to spread your services into new markets where you will continue to lift them safer and higher.