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Trials And Tribulations With A Scooter

On 10 March 2012 I collected my first scooter, a Big Boy 250 cc Citiflite - it already had 2459 km on it since it was second hand. Needless to say I was elated since I love the feeling of freedom that comes from riding a motorbike. But this was a scooter and I needed to adjust to the different style of riding - smaller wheels and no clutch. The ride was much lighter than the BMW 1200 RT that I owned before and it was considerably down on power as well. Riding my newly acquired scooter was wonderful, but it didn't take long for trouble to rear its ugly head. The first problem was with starting. Sometimes it would start and sometimes not. This situation grew worse over time until  it wouldn't start at all. Asking for advice from a motorcycle dealership wasn't helpful eithe. Recruiting a family member to service the scooter lead to another dead end. In the end it was towed away to another dealership where it spent about two weeks in the workshop - part of the problem w