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New Wine Watercolour Painting

Watercolour painting involves a lot of learning and much practise and keeps me motivated to produce better results. The important word here is practise because just reading and watching and hoping doesn't produce the desired results, which is to improve over time. However, when I practise my skills just to keep being busy and relax and allow mistakes to happen, I find that I am still learning to improve my watercolour skills. I call my latest painting new wine because I did paint something similar a while ago and used it to create a simpler version. I didn't over plan what I was going to draw and paint, I just went with the flow and still managed produce something that I could work with. One thing that I have learned over time in my efforts to paint with watercolours is that I need to persevere while I am painting because it usually doesn't look so glamorous until I add the black lines which makes my painting stand out from the white paper. If you remove all the black from