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Did Halloween Come Early?

I'm not a fan of Halloween and had to go and read up on it to find what it's all about. I've watched some scary movies and have been scared out of my wits. Some Halloween costumes give me the creeps. Reading up on it I have discovered that Halloween falls on Monday 31st October and is believed to have originated in the Celtic fringes of Britain, and was adapted by Christian traditions, immigrants' conventions and an insatiable desire for sweets ( The Telegraph ). "Gaels believed that it was a time when the walls between our world and the next became thin and porous, allowing spirits to pass through, come back to life on the day and damage their crops." - quoted from the aforementioned article. That article is quite interesting. Back to my story. Well, last night we had an enormous storm. Lightning and thunder raged as in the heaven above and the rain came pelting down drenching the earth and frightening dogs and people alike. It made me think of a time

Cheetahs vs Bulls 2016

I woke up to a fight of heavyweights sparring in a ring above us in the heavens. Each thundering messages and challenging the other to a brutal fight for the championship, a real ruckus as I was disturbed from my sleep at 3 a.m. in the morning. Boom this and crack that they shouted at each other for all to hear, not holding back nor ashamed of their fight for supremacy. Above me in the dark North and South were putting up a fight for all their fans to see and hear. Just then all hell broke loose and the real fight began after the short buildup. North was first to throw the punches and South got one, two, three in the gut. Like a seasoned pro, having had their 10th straight win this season, South countered with a flurry of 5 skilled blows to North's head. It sounded like a cacophony of  42 000 supporters were cheering the spectacle on from all sides as the two started their battle in the heavens above connecting and colliding with boom, crack, boom, crack, boom-boom, crack-cr

Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop

If you live in Bonaero Park, Kempton Park, Benoni and surrounding areas and you need to service your vehicle, then Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop at the GT Centre next to The Great North Road. The GT Centre is well-known to people in the area and Supa-Fit is a one-stop vehicle repair and maintenance shop. This means that you can buy new tyres for your car and have them balanced and the wheel alignment can be done there. If your car needs a new exhaust or even a free-flow exhaust fitted, Supa-Fit can do it. Maybe your car isn't performing well anymore and you are considering an engine overhaul, then Supa-Fit has the right workshop, equipment and technicians to get the job done. They also do brakes, cv joints, towbars, batteries and fix punctures. They also do turbo conversions. You can't miss their workshop when you are travelling on the Great North Road because they have painted their logo in big letters against a red background on their building. If you are like me, t

Home Gardening | Fresh Vegetables

Yes, I'm at it again. Fresh vegetables from my garden! A few months ago my wife and I decided to try growing vegetables in containers in our back yard. With the help of a friend, we were able to enclose the garden with a steel frame and carport shade cloth. The purpose of this is in case it hails or gets too cold and frostbite damages the plants. We only had limited success with growing our own vegetables in the past since our soil is like hard clay and insects and birds took their toll on what we grew. We came across a few ideas on social media like Pinterest, Facebook and Youtube and decided to go with large pots filled with potting soil and compost. At that stage, we still hadn't erected the covering. The idea was to start small and add more pots and plants as we went along. Unfortunately, our country has been hit by severe drought. The dams are running dry and we have been asked to reduce our water consumption. But we were already sitting with all these plants that

Lap en Lag Quilting | Local News - Kempton Park

Once a month the ladies from a group called Lap en Lag (Quilt and Laugh) take turns to host a meeting where they hand completed projects in, discuss points of interest and learn something new, among other things. Their latest session was on Wednesday, October 12. Normally they start arriving just after nine and Maggie welcomed Annetjie, Esther, Marietjie and Tessa. The last member, Dora, could only attend later. As the only male in the vicinity, I kept myself occupied with work in my office next door from where I heard them chatting and laughing as they shared news and recent events with each other. A while later they brought out their latest project, which was blocks with cats on them created for Marietjie. Each member had to finish 2 blocks and hand them over to her. This way Marietjie ended up with a whole lot of blocks made by her friends. They do this on a monthly basis so that each member ends up with all the blocks she needs to create a beautiful quilt for herself. That’s fr

I Am Rich Because I Am So Blessed

Material possessions. Yes, I have some of those. In terms of what I have, I would say I am middle-class. I live in a house with four bedrooms and have built a carport for my car. The grounds are quite big with a garden in the front and an enclosed vegetable garden outside of my kitchen in the back. I bought the house to raise my children in, but they are all grown up now and married, so it's just my wife and I living here. We have all the basic necessities to live reasonably well. I still work and enjoy being creative and serving my clients doing photography and designing websites as well as Search Engine Optimisation. More clients are being added to my portfolio on an ongoing basis and therefore I am eternally blessed. This is not what I am writing about today. What I actually want to write about is my experience of today. Friends of ours were not feeling too well and my wife asked me if we could drive over to them after the morning church service - which was fantastic by