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Stained Glass For Christmas

A stained glass window, stained glass door panels or a stained glass lampshade for Christmas! The most beautiful windows are made with stained glass. Above are some of the most beautiful examples made by Petro of Tiny Dot Studio . I will quote from my previous article as follows: “Okay, you get the picture. A window is a two-dimensional object. Now add light to it and it becomes three dimensional. Close your eyes and picture the most exquisite stained glass window in a church that you visited once. What do you experience? Many more dimensions, hey. You start to hear organ music and a choir singing - heavenly music. Your memories take you back to a special time in your life. The colours in the design represent many different things like the red depicting a pleasant warmth of love. The blue represents the sky and heaven - a higher dimension. The green reminds you of growth and nature. White would be purity. All these colours and emotions flood through your mind, spirit, and emo

Cherry Picker For Safe Access To Heights

Cherry pickers are ideal for routine inspections, cleaning or maintenance tasks, working at heights. They are generally used in the construction, mining, metals smelting, and mineral processing industries to name but a few. The safety of workers is of prime importance with falls from heights and falling objects being the leading cause of fatal injuries on worksites in many parts of the world; safety has to centre stage in all working at working at heights tasks, followed by efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Cherry pickers are rapidly replacing traditional access systems such as ladders, scaffolding, bosun’s chairs, and rope swings, which are time-consuming, expensive and often dangerous to use. Recently The Dickinson Group of Companies announced the establishment of its latest joint venture with SA Platforms (Pty) Ltd. The two South African Headquartered companies have joined forces to establish SA Platforms (Zambia) Ltd; a Zambian registered company that will extend the ra