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Some of you who have read stories of my past can agree I was a pretty decent guy. I wasn’t a trouble maker. You could trust me with your last dollar and if you needed a dollar I was your guy. I always looked out for my friends and hated to see anybody get hurt. If you had one too many beers I’d get you home. If something made you sad I was there to listen. But of all those proud moments there was one not so proud moment that frustrates me to this day. It was the day the Animal fought my friend. How can you not like sports? It was my senior year. I was knee deep in a study group for a class I had to pass. It was a stressful time. The class was hard, the teacher harder and my nerves were shot. Thankfully a member of that group shared my misery. Ted was smart, kind and patient whenever I was stumped on a question. He was also clueless when it came to high-school sports. Neither of us knew it at the time but his cluelessness would prove to be a downfall for both of us.