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Horses In The Mist Coming Up Again.

On 10th October 2013 I mentioned that I added this picture to my blog post for future motivation. As I sit and type this post I have an aching body. I suppose it serves me right for not riding consistently for more than a year. About two weeks ago I was informed that we would be riding again in the 24 hour race. Late this afternoon we were on our mountain bikes doing 8 kilometres. Around 6 kilometres my backside couldn't take it anymore, but we pressed on. Tomorrow morning I will have to drag myself into an upright position when I get up. Whilst riding I commented to my wife that two years ago we were so fit that we didn't feel a thing at the end of a long ride. Now it's hard slogging to get riding fit again - like starting all over again. We are really looking forward to the event. Both my wife and I have full suspension bikes which should make the ride a lot better. This time I am going to take pictures which will help with my future posts. Hopefully I will find th

Blogging is Rewarding

I feel so blessed doing some writing in my blog because so many people read what I write about. I just want to say thank you to all my readers. You are a real encouragement to me. I thought I'd just add a photo of me and my granddaughter in the sea near her home. She just loved the fact that I went for a swim with her and I was so blessed by that fact that she enjoyed it and showed her appreciation.

Absolute Frame

From time to time we decide to frame a picture or a painting to hang on the wall in a room in our home or to give as a gift to someone special. It's always useful to have it done just the way we picture it. When it has been done right we usually gasp and stand back and admire the final product with pride. "Perfection is a lot of little things done well to create the Absolute Frame." This is the quote from Willem Davel, the man responsible for creating his beautiful frames. You can view his profile on Google +  and have a look at his new mobile-friendly website at .