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23 Years in Business

23 Years ago I ventured out into the unfamiliar realm of self-employment. That was on 5 February 1992, just before Nelson Mandela was made a free man by Mr. F. W. de Klerk. At that time I had no clue of what to do or how to run a successful business. I was retrenched and on my own. Now I can look back with a smile on my face because I can say, “I made it.” So here is a story that proves a point. I am quoting it from my blog post on Typepad: “I read a story of how a young boy lost his left arm in a car accident. You can imagine how devastating this was for him. He eventually took up judo. His judo master taught him one move only. He could not understand why the sensei only taught him that one move. In his first tournament he easily won his first two matches. The final match was against a more difficult opponent. It seemed as though he had met his match and the end seemed like it wasn't going his way. Through perseverance the boy finally won with that one move wh

Crafts People - Make The World Beautiful

Arts and crafts people are just plain creative. Whatever their hands touch turns into something unique and special. They also master a new form of art quicker than others. They make the world a beautiful and interesting place to live in. I recently came across an article about the San people who painted on rocks thousands of years ago. Their work still stands to this day. Today you find gifted artists who create something special for a loved one or for their homes. Some of these items get passed on to descendants. Often you need something special for your project, but can't find it. Or you would like to try your hand at a new craft, but don't know where to go for lessons. A favourite place to go for arts and crafts products and lessons would definitely be Jems Arts and Crafts - . If you navigate to this site you will see that they have a shop with all the requirements for your special crafts project and, if you want to learn how to do things, they also o

Cycle Competition 2015

Three years after our last   Southern Skies 24 Hour Race in Parys and another invitation to compete this year again. If we enter, what lies ahead for us? Are we still up to the challenge? At this moment I don't know who will be in our team, but this is a picture of our members in 2012. My wife and I are on the far left and my son-in-law and daughter are on the far right.  In terms of preparation my wife, Maggie, and I would have to start practising daily to get ourselves back into shape again. We also need to have our mountain bikes serviced. Besides that we also need to make sure that our camping gear and equipment are all ready. We would have to get some powerful LED lights for riding at night. Maybe I should consider taking a voice recorder along so that I don't miss out on recording events as they are happening - better for blogging about our experiences afterwards. Keeping a record of experiences like these are great for when I'm older and don't feel like