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People Who Are At Another Level | Most Amazing Skills And Talent !

  Something I could watch and not get tired. Hope you enjoy it like I did.

The Storm

  “And the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall.” Matthew 7:27. We focus on the natural a lot of the time and wonder why these storms are wreaking havoc in our lives. We long for the peace that we experienced for a moment. A while ago I wrote about a storm: I woke up to a fight of heavyweights sparring in a ring above us in the heavens. Each thundering messages and challenging the other to a brutal fight for the championship, a real ruckus as I was disturbed from my sleep at 3 a.m. in the morning. That was in October 5 years ago . Just last week we had another one of those storms. My first reaction was to pray. I said to my wife,” Why do we always get these noisy, violent storms on the Highveld where we live?” I’m not particularly fond of storms, but they come whether I like it or not. In the mornings I usually spend some quiet time before the hustle and bustle of the day starts. It’s like an anchor to my life

Can Animals Talk To Us?

Today I visited a few people and arrived back at home at about 12:30 just after noon. When I stopped in my driveway outside my gate I was greeted by two very concerned parents. They were making very irate squeaks about something in the vicinity. I thought their behaviour very unusual but realised that something very drastic was wrong.   Being a very considerate neighbour I kept my cool and climbed out of my car to open the gate. The racket continued as I parked my car inside the yard. These parents were very irate. As I stopped the car I told my wife Maggie about their strange behaviour and as I got out I noticed two little chicks scurrying into a vegetable patch. By then Maggie had closed the gate and I called her to come and have a look at the chicks. They clearly belonged to the parents outside our gate who were worried that our dog would hurt them. Our first response was to call our dog into the stoop enclosure so that she was safely out of the picture. I then walked to the other