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Pool Safety

Pool safety is always a priority all year round, but as we are in the middle of Spring it is a good time to focus attention on making this a priority. After all, what is the life of your child worth? Is he or she safe around the pool when you are not there? What about small pets also? You can go to the website of SA Pool Nets and Covers to see two kids playing on one of the pools they fitted with a cover. The big bonus to having the cover over your pool is complete peace of mind. You also save on water evaporation, chemicals and dust or dirt landing in the water. There is also a slight increase in water temperature.  Why not contact the owner for a free quotation right away?

My Own Responsive Website Design - Ashworthweb

Responsive Website Design (RWD) - What is that? With so many people browsing the Internet on their mobile phones and tablets - outnumbering those using conventional laptops and desktop computers - us web masters have found ourselves in a position where we had to adapt quickly to this change. There is always something new to learn, hey.  Briefly RWD means that you can view a website on a mobile device without having to struggle to read what's there and without having to scroll sideways or enlarge the page on your screen. It is something completely user-friendly. My website had not been kept up to date since I was always working on someone else's site and never got around to fixing my own. Today I decided it's about time and got stuck in. If you visit you will see what I accomplished in one day. It's straight to the point - nice and lean as well as easy on the eye. Since I have been converting my clients' websites to RWD

Nesher Private School (Delmas School)

On 4 September 2015 I created a mobile responsive website for an Afrikaans Private School called Nesher ( ). Private schools are important institutions that educate our children and provide an important function in our society. We definitely need smart kids who will lead in the future. Nesher is one of those places that nurtures future leaders. They also make use of Learning Receptiveness Profiles, a brain-based assessment tool to determine the neurological wiring of a child, discovering how uniquely they process information, in which mode they prefer to learn, their emotional readiness for learning and it also indicates areas for further development. To learn more about how this cutting edge technology can help you, click on this link!assessments/c1c5f . Today I posted more photographs to their Opportunities page (Geleenthede) . The photos show the wide variety of activities the pupils enjoy at Nesher. The childre

SA Pool Nets And Covers Mobile Responsive Website

SA Pool Nets and Covers also now have a mobile responsive website so that visitors can access their website via smart phones and make use of their excellent services. They started in 2012 and continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Their website is at . As the name implies they can supply and install swimming pool safety nets, covers, solar blankets and net alarms.

SA Platforms Mobile Responsive Website

SA Platforms now have a mobile responsive website at . They continue doing a fantastic job of renting or selling cherry pickers and mobile lifting platforms of various configurations to companies needing these machines. They also provide excellent training to operators of these machines. Well done!