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Picture Framing Shop (Gauteng)

10% off sale on from 24 - 31 August 2017. Get yours now from Absolute Frame (Gauteng). Picture framing is an art in itself. You can have the most beautiful photograph or an exquisite painting and take it to a picture framer. If the frame choice is wrong and the workmanship is shoddy, then the end result can be a disaster. But there is an excellent and reliable picture framing shop in Gauteng that will do a fabulous job every time. From time to time we decide to frame a picture or a painting to hang on the wall in a room in our home or to give as a gift to someone special. It's always useful to have it done just the way we picture it. When it has been done right we usually gasp and stand back and admire the final product with pride. Make your memories and accomplishments a reality to be seen around your home. Do that special mirror in the entrance hall or do those large format prints against that open wall that has forever irritated you. Visit Absolute Frame a

Accountant (Kempton Park)

I recently attended an Accountant Workshop in Kempton Park at The Aviator hotel. Since I recently created the website for Mhangwana Commercial & Financial Accountants I volunteered to take a few photographs for their website. Every business needs a good accountant and I discovered Mhangwana Commercial & Financial Accountants who specialise in a variety of accounting services with outstanding support. As a bonus, they are a Mobile Accounting , Tax and Administration Firm. Running a business means that owners are usually very busy people and with their expertise, they can take care of your accounting needs quickly and effectively. Mhangwana Accountants offer a very wide variety of services, like registering a new company, accounting, bookkeeping, secretarial services, payroll services, tax and advisory services, accounting software skills transfer, as well as Schools - GDE, NPO’s, NGO’s accounting needs. During the workshop, I discovered just how thorough their skil

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I've got some really interesting things to write about. So you can look forward to a couple of nice blog posts in this space soon. Thanks for regularly visiting my blog.

Willie's Hairstylist - Gents Hairstylist Kempton Park

Gents can be very fussy about their haircuts. With the latest hairstyles in 2016 men’s styling techniques have never been more interesting and exciting. We all noticed a drastic change in gents hairstyles this year when the pompadour came into fashion where guys liked their hair cut  shorter on the sides with a flash of hair on top. This brings us to someone that has been styling gents hair for a very long time. Herman van Vuuren has been cutting gents hair for many years and does an excellent job. He also caters for students and pensioners haircuts. People like him because he is experienced and likeable. Herman has made special parking available to disabled people and has a movable ramp to enable wheelchairs to get into his salon. No-one can deny the fact that institutions like Willie's Hairstylist provide an important service to their community. It's not like there are many gents hairstylists popping up all over the place. To discover more about this gents hairstylist y

Estate Agent Kempton Park

RE/MAX Team Danie Goosen To most of the public in Kempton Park, Danie Goosen Estates is a well known and household name in the property market. For the out-of-towners a brief history. Danie Goosen:  He operated in Kempton Park since 1978, selling real estate and moving in the property circles. Danie was involved in sales and management of several household estate agencies in Kempton Park.  Liz Goosen:  In 1975 Liz has an accounting background. Hundreds of customers that dealt with Liz over the last 2 decades knew her friendly, always helpful, “Client is Number 1” attitude. She served on the Afrikaans Sakevrou Klub for many years. Recently  Liz  and her son  Niel  joined  RE/MAX , recognized as one of the leading international global real estate franchise companies with the most productive sales force in the industry. RE/MAX has over 100 000 agents operating from over 6 500 offices in over 97 countries worldwide. If you are looking for  estate agents  wi