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A Beautiful Spider Lily - Updated

Life is constantly changing with challenges and decisions every single day. Time is a good teacher because what was very good last year can change to something totally opposite this year. That is very true when it comes to certain people. You think you know them. But you only know the false side they are so good at bringing to the fore. What they allow you to see. Deep down inside lies something they have become good at hiding - something the opposite to their day to day character - ugliness. On the other hand the majestic white spider lily flower above is genuine. No hidden dangers. It's pure. It is exactly as beautiful as it is. Nothing false about it. Maybe that's why good women love flowers. When you give them with a good heart they tell a story of honesty. Flowers are pure and beautiful. So you are giving something pure and beautiful - a perfect gift. This spider lily flower was photographed with my Canon camera using a 50 mm lens on today the 11th of February

Planet Perfect - Charlotte Roth

Do you have a dog? If yes, you might understand when I say that I don't know what makes me more excited--the release of my brand book or a picture of my puppy with it? I have officially become the crazy dog lady LOL.  But, it is pretty exciting with my new book. It came out Wednesday and people are already connecting with it and reviews are ticking in. What would you sacrifice to have the perfect life? is the basis of my new book, Planet Perfect--a captivating story that will keep you turning the pages, or, as one reader wrote, "It was an awesome story that in a few parts I felt like I was going to break my kindle trying to turn the pages as fast as I could."  You can check it out here . Thank you and happy reading! Speaking of happy reading... What book are you currently reading/planning to read next?  I would love to get some awesome suggestions to my own TBR. I just finished a book by one of my author friends and I really enjoyed it. It ha