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Cherry Picker helping with Power Outages

  This was a memorable act of kindness on the part of a community-conscious company. With loadshedding affecting our economy it’s nice to remember a company like SA Platforms that offered to solve a power outage problem in the Risiville/Three Rivers East & Property Community in the past. A HUGE BIG Thanks to for sponsoring the cherry picker for BXC to use in our Ward .... We applaud SA Platforms for reaching out and helping. Since those days the power outage problems have increased. I hope it hasn’t been too bad for that community lately. But in spite of these adverse circumstances the people managing SA Platforms have still continued to offer the incredible service that they have always given to companies needing cherry pickers/lifting platforms. In a competitive market they have managed to keep going because they are good at what they are doing. Remember, if you want to do work at height where a cherry picker is necessary, you can contact the