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On My Silverback

Silverback Mountain Bike Today the weather was fine, just like a summer's day, so I donned my riding gear and grabbed my Silverback and off I went for a ride. With a successful day behind me, it was time to enjoy myself and unwind by cycling. Just 3 months ago I wasn't sure whether I would ever ride again. A month or two prior to that I bought my new bicycle, which wasn't cheap, but then the most annoying pain developed in my lower back and left leg. It was so bad that I couldn't walk or sit, never mind ride a bike. I even thought about why I had spent so much money on a new bike because the doctors were talking about an MRI scan and vertebrae fusions. Any medication I took or treatment that I went for made no difference. I could just look at my new bike and shake my head. Fortunately, things got better in time and today my Silverback beckoned. Conditions were ideal and I was in the mood for some exercise. I followed my usual route in the neighbourhood a