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On My Silverback

Silverback Mountain Bike Today the weather was fine, just like a summer's day, so I donned my riding gear and grabbed my Silverback and off I went for a ride. With a successful day behind me, it was time to enjoy myself and unwind by cycling. Just 3 months ago I wasn't sure whether I would ever ride again. A month or two prior to that I bought my new bicycle, which wasn't cheap, but then the most annoying pain developed in my lower back and left leg. It was so bad that I couldn't walk or sit, never mind ride a bike. I even thought about why I had spent so much money on a new bike because the doctors were talking about an MRI scan and vertebrae fusions. Any medication I took or treatment that I went for made no difference. I could just look at my new bike and shake my head. Fortunately, things got better in time and today my Silverback beckoned. Conditions were ideal and I was in the mood for some exercise. I followed my usual route in the neighbourhood a

Branding | Branded Notepads | Promotional Gifts

At ECS we promise to give you the best prices on the best quality items and with that said here is the latest product offering. Notepads are one of the best ways to keep your company's name in front of current and prospective customers. Like a miniature billboard, a custom notepad will repeatedly display your marketing message, helping to keep your business top-of-mind for weeks, months or longer. •Not only are custom notepads very economical to produce, they can be printed with virtually any promotional message you wish to convey – company name, logo, slogan, contact information, photos and so on. •Adding a full-colour logo, photos or artwork helps create a quality impression. •In addition, notepads are quite durable and very easy to distribute, making them well-suited for trade show giveaways or for sales reps to hand out to current and prospective customers. For a closer look at this offering go to the website .