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Southern Skies Cycle Race Remembered

After a hard day's work painstakingly building a battery website consisting of volts, amps, dimensions, part numbers, stock code numbers, and pictures, we settled down to a plate of fine chicken, rice, and vegetables. Feeling quite full and lazy I decided, on the spur of the moment, to go for a ride on my mountain bike. As I set out on my bike I noticed that the sun was already over the horizon and a slight breeze greeted me. I followed my usual route passing the local petrol station through a patch of trees where the rusty autumn leaves crunched under the tyres, then along the shoulder of the main road. Then a left turn between the houses where I accelerated up a slight incline. Then a thought came to me. I have already passed my late dad's age and here I was riding like a maniac. I coasted after the burst of acceleration and considered how lucky I am. Most people in their mid-sixties already accept their age as being old while I still feel as fit as a fiddle and have