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Pool Nets for Your Protection

  Pool Nets for Your Protection This article is about the fear of water, swimming pool safety, and pool nets which are vital for pool protection. When I was in high school in Cape Town, I used to spend some time riding my bicycle in our neighbourhood once my homework was done. It was the first time in my life that I owned a bicycle. During one of those times, I came across a pretty girl not too far from my home. I decided I would like to try and get to know her. Whenever I rode after that I went past her house but never saw her again. Sometime after that my friend Brian told me the sad news. Apparently, she had drowned in a public swimming pool full of people. Having grown up I got to know someone who has a fear for water. The reason was that her parents had put that fear in her from a very young age. As a result, she developed a tremendous mental blockage about water. To this day she can’t swim. There are people of all ages that unable to swim and can’t go near a swimming pool