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A Quilt to sleep under

This is Maggie's quilt. A while ago she made one for a friend and chose a pattern for a future project. Last year we received some material off-cuts from someone and she had the bright idea to start with her project. Just looking at all those pieces of material made me wonder what she was going to do with them. It took her 4 months of hard work and lots of creativity to come up with the end product. Maggie stuck to her guns and never gave up. Hundreds of blocks were laboriously sized and cut, then pieced together, resulting in this beautiful design. She was even told that it wasn't a quilt and that she was just creating patchwork. Who cares. It looks fabulous and is cosey and warm to sleep under during the cold winter nights. One friend even asked her to make one when she saw the photo. The great benefit of having this quilt on our bed is that it isn't heavy like a lot of our other bedding. Awesome work Maggie.

Just Another Day

As the sun kisses the distant rooftops we set out on our bicycles to experience the freedom and release from the day's stress that comes from cycling. At the first corner of the field two tiny chihuahuas attack me and I just pick up speed and they worry me no more. When I told Maggie (my wife) that I was going to ride to get some fresh air she switched her computer off and started getting her riding gear on - she needs no invitation. At the next corner we entered the shade and felt the temperature drop considerably - Maggie calls it the cold road. Next followed the slight downhill and we accelerated a bit. Another corner and we enter the sunny patch again as we pass Java jealously viewing us from our yard. Ahead we have those pesky little chihuahuas again. This time the skinny little fellow has a go at my ankles and I kick at it but she is too careful not to get too close. In the end I just decide to pump harder on the pedals and that gets me away from the little pest. At

Cherry Picker Specialist

The first time I came across the term cherry picker I pictured workers in a field picking cherries with the sun high in a blue sky, similar to what I have seen in the movies. Somehow I had it wrong because a cherry picker is a magnificent piece of technology that people use to access objects high above the ground, sometimes in maintenance and sometimes in construction - not just limited to those. The picture on the left gives you an idea of just how high these cherry pickers can lift working crew above the ground - it makes me dizzy just thinking of being in that cage at the top. Well, that's how some people make a living being hoisted high up in the air to reach the structures they are building, cleaning or fixing. There are many types of cherry picker machines, some of which are trailer mounted and driven by diesel motors or electric or even both. To get a better idea of some of the most popular machines you can go to to have a look. The compan