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The Spider Lily

This majestic white spider lily flower was photographed by me on 10 February 2021. I believe that it was still towards the end of  the COVID 19 lockdown period. No hidden dangers. It's pure. It is exactly as beautiful as it is. Nothing false about it. Maybe that's why good women love flowers. When you give them with a good heart they tell a story of honesty. Flowers are pure and beautiful. So you are giving something pure and beautiful - a perfect gift. Enjoy this rare sight.

Remaining Creative - Easter Weekend

 Today is the day after Good Friday. Yesterday I enjoyed a fabulous Good Friday. My wife and I went to church and were treated to an excellent service after which we went to check out what's happening at our local shopping centre because the Pick n Pay had suddenly closed forcing us to drive further to other shops to buy our bread, milk, and groceries - very inconvenient. Fortunately, we were told that a Checkers is soon opening. We then went home but before we were there we decided to go to Evergreens shop to buy cake to enjoy with our tea. As we were about to enter the premises but found that it was locked with security guards patrolling the place. We had to leave feeling disappointed and wondering what's going on in our country. Massive shops and shopping groups just closing or not being open for business as usual! Very odd! In the meantime I had photographed some flowers in our garden and a yellow one that was growing in front of the main gate. When we arrived home I contin

Watercolour Painting Delight

 About a year ago I was faced with a problem. My children and grandchildren were showing off their prowess in drawing and painting on a WhatsApp group where all our family members were connected. All I could put up on the group were photographs that I had taken which I thought were showing off that I was a bit creative. But they kept on putting up very nice paintings and drawings and I had nothing to show. When I was at school I used to draw a lot but that was about sixty years ago. Since then I had no reason to practice my art or drawing skills. At that time I had tried painting with watercolour paints but found that medium to be too much of a challenge so I stopped trying to paint. Sometimes I came across senior people who were producing these wonderful paintings on Facebook and admired them. So, last year I decided to give it a go again. What did I have to loose? I mean, if I at least tried properly, maybe I could paint something that would interest my family. Believe me, I was not

Enjoying Coffee and Reminiscing

 Most people get up in the mornings and reach for a steaming hot cup of coffee with aroma scents filling the air helping to ease them into the start of a new day. There is something mysterious and alluring about the profile of a woman holding a mug with steam carrying that special scent of coffee that we all love all around her. Maybe, when you get up in the morning again you will remember reading this post and seeing the sketch and also decide to reminisce with your favourite coffee -  reminisce implies a casual often nostalgic recalling of experiences long past and gone (Merriam-Webster). This is what I have been doing as I had to reminisce about my past experiences as I wrote my book which I have finished but have been checking and rechecking for errors or spelling mistakes before I can launch it. Soon it will be ready to publish online and I am really hoping people like you who have been checking my blog will want to read it. If you have enjoyed reading about my experiences then yo