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Huge Improvements At Goodies4Gardens - Glen Marais

Goodies4Gardens now has a brand new website where you can view their impressive menu . Also, recent visitors to this family-friendly venue have noticed the fantastic new tarred parking area. It's a welcome change. When you've had your car cleaned at the Royal Car Wash you won't have to ride on gravel as you exit the premises anymore. Then you will also notice the beautiful garden with real robots and quaint statues and decor next to Cesson Thai Massage and Spa where you can relax while they pamper you with a genuine Thai massage. Absolute Frame has added Foto Connect to its premises where you will be able to order your photo prints soon. Don't forget that you can buy your arts and crafts supplies from Jems Arts and Crafts at Goodies. They've been there for a long time and Sunique is a talented young lady who designs things for the home and weddings and cuts them out of wood with a laser cutter. There are quite a number of shops at Goodies4 Gardens a

Water Safety – Reinforced Pool Covers (NEW)

Water safety is of utmost importance. There is a video where a child manages to climb on the fence surrounding the pool and he easily unlocks the pool gate in seconds. What a scary sight. Children and pets – sometimes even adults – can’t swim. They need your protection if you have a pool. Accidents happen unexpectedly. We hear regularly in the news about loved ones drowning in swimming pools and the trauma that they suffer because of the tragic loss. Maybe you are visiting with a friend and your attention is somewhere else and didn't notice that your beloved child had slipped away to explore the yard. Sounds familiar but incidences like these occur when you don’t want them to. Make a wise decision to safeguard your pool by adding a proper swimming pool reinforced cover. DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because how would you ever measure the cost of a life? A pool safety cover is definitely the answer because it is the last barrier to protect your pool should a toddler manage t

Supa-Fit Your Vehicle

Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop  used to be at the GT Centre next to The Great North Road is a great place to supa-fit your vehicle. The GT Centre is well-known to people in the area and Supa-Fit is a one-stop vehicle repair, maintenance and mechanical workshop. However, they have moved to a new location: Plot 281, 3rd Avenue, Bredell. Please visit them there. This means that you can buy new tyres for your car and have them balanced and the wheel alignment can be done there. If your car needs a new exhaust or even a free-flow exhaust fitted, Supa-Fit can do it. Maybe your car isn't performing well anymore and you are considering an engine overhaul, then Supa-Fit has the right workshop, equipment and technicians to get the job done. They also do brakes, cv joints, tow bars, batteries and fix punctures. They also do turbo conversions. From the Supa-Fit website, you will see that their setup is pretty good and they strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship at all tim

Safety Glasses (East Rand)

Safety glasses are what Workmaster (East Rand) specialize in. They have all types of protective eyewear. These types of special safety glasses protect the eyes from particles, water, chemicals or harsh light from striking the eyes. They are required by workers working in hazardous conditions. A few examples of their uses are: Cold weather Swimming Power tools Blowtorch goggles Welding goggles Laboratory and research Aviation Personal protective equipment Safety engineering It’s important to wear good quality safety glasses especially if you require them for extended periods of time. In those situations, it is advisable to go for prescription glasses. Yes, they are also available from Workmaster. An important requirement is to ensure that the right tinted glasses are obtained for your workers since individual sensitivities to light, known as photophobia, require special consideration. All protective safety glasses need to comply with SABS and OHS - General Sa

RBTS Racing

Book your special car in for world-class Dyna Tuning at RBTS Racing and benefit from the special care taken during the tune-up. The unique thing about their operation is that their special Dyno Room eliminates the possibility of the motor vehicle inhaling its own hot, oxygen-less exhaust fumes, therefore creating the closest possible driving simulation on the road. A great plus. Inside the Dyno Room, a large 1-meter diameter extraction fan clears the full volume of air in the dyno room twice every second creating around 40km/h of fresh wind speed. In my opinion, it looks quite like a wind tunnel. The addition of extra cooling fans placed in front of the motor vehicle maximizes the cooling and creates a safe tuning environment for your motor vehicle (Ross thought of everything). This combination gives you the smoothest most drivable maximum power output map and best fuel economy possible which your engine can deliver. You will be welcomed by their friendly team. Previo

A Funeral In Brakpan - Oom David Engelbrecht

In October 2017 I accompanied my wife to her uncle's birthday party in Brakpan. Her family was very glad to see my wife Maggie since we hadn't visited with them for a long time. The occasion was her “Oom” David’s 85th birthday. From the photos in my article, you could see the great joy on everyone’s faces. Today we attended David’s funeral, almost a year later. In spite of the somber setting, the people were friendly and open. Maggie was again treated with lots of love. I commented in my previous article that the people from Brakpan don't wear masks and pretend to be someone else or try to act better when in the company of others. No, they just act like themselves with total freedom. Take it or leave it. So, it was our pleasure to be in their company again. They are always ready to shower you with truckloads of genuine love and respect that will make you want to keep going back for more. You can spot that kind of love a mile away because it is from their hearts.