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From This Moment - New Year's Resolution 2020

"From this moment." Potent words backed by a powerful commitment and decision. Shania Twain made these words popular in her song by the same title. It has been sung at many wedding ceremonies, but they can also herald in life changing commitments, like a New Year's resolution. I'm not one for these New Year's resolutions but this morning I decided it was time to commit to a change in my life. It's so easy to allow circumstances to influence what happens in one's life. To go with the flow and end up with regret and a feeling of despair. Greatness follows the brave who dream big and have a clear vision of what they want their future to look like. When setbacks happen, they forge ahead relentlessly chasing their dreams. I was considering this last night. I offer a service to business owners to increase the visibility and effectiveness of their websites through SEO (known as search engine optimization). It takes a certain amount of trust all round to

Our Rich World!

On December 7, 2019 I started watching YouTube for a bit of relaxation. As a self-employed person looking after customers’ websites, I have spent most weekends this year working for other people and not having much time to relax and enjoy myself. So, I could be excused for a bit of me time. I started blogging round about 2012 . (Although this one goes back to 2013). The idea was to have fun while writing about my experiences – a way of sharing. It started pretty well, and I had a great time, However, lately I have fallen into a rut. So, this is an attempt to get back into writing a bit about what I really enjoy and maybe you will have a better reading experience. Just after I got married, I was fascinated by home-built aircraft and fanaticised about building my own.  It was a time when people in America were going crazy building all kinds of flying machines one could only dream of. I’m mad about flying machines and design and build and fly my own radio-controlled planes as a ho