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Watercolour Painting, Alcohol Markers, and AI

The autobot above was my next project because I wanted to see what I could achieve with my new alcohol markers. As you can see it isn't finished yet - it is still a work in progress. I have made a few digital enhancements so that I could put it up on my blog. He is called AI Autobot and will be undergoing some changes to fit the description. Recently, everybody has been raving about AI Artificial Intelligence. I am steering clear of AI at the moment because my intelligence is okay for me. I don't want to lose my edge by relying on some computer program for now. After all, I got this far in life without it. After starting with watercolour painting and succeeding with that I have ventured into multi media to get some exposure to a new dimension in my art. Working with different mediums comes with its challenges because the ideal paper for markers is the opposite of what you need for watercolour painting. To successfully blend these two together on smooth paper is not the easiest

I Wrote a Book

MY BOOK UPDATE: 24 JUNE 2024 I have finished my book, and it feels great. All I am focusing on at the moment is getting it online and connecting it to a payment facility so that people can buy it. Hopefully it will all be ready this week. Once it is done, I will start promoting it on this blog. Now I am making my dream come true because I have enough content for my book. Yesterday I decided to compile my book in a better, more logical order. I was getting new information for my book and just created the pages haphazardly. So, I stopped for a moment and then looked at how I could improve things so that readers can understand what I am writing about better. All I am doing now is recreating the book page by page, then it will be complete, then I can make it available online. My book will be filled with useful information about the company I worked for up until 1991. Then, it will also have information about the products that were sold and how it started. There will be lots of photographs

50th Anniversary

  There comes a time in one’s life that you reach a milestone. When that happens you can stop and look back at what you have managed to do. Exactly fifty years ago I made a promise in the form of a wedding vow that I would love my bride until death do us part. We have both been through troubled waters that have tried to shipwreck our boat many times and have managed to weather all sorts of adversities. People wish us well with kind words and say, “Well done, congratulations.” It’s nice to hear those words because it makes one feel good. If they only knew of all the times, we had to bite the bullet, knuckle down and keep going. I remember the very first time I had to resign from work in Cape Town and move back to Johannesburg without having a new job and a wife and two kids to support because my salary couldn’t go far enough every month. Then, I got a fantastic job and managed to buy a car because I got a salary raise and back pay plus a Christmas bonus for excellent work. Imagine h