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Motor Vehicle Branding 2021

  VEHICLE BRANDING IN 2021 Last year almost to the date I wrote about vehicle branding and its importance. Ensure that your business is part of the new advertising trends. Let’s make vehicle branding one of our top advertising priorities in 2021. Digital and online marketing is highly effective and vehicle branding can complement this greatly. Branded vehicles can act as a mobile display window for your company.  Philandria  is Avery accredited and only use the best vinyl in order to give you the perfect look on your vehicle branding. Philandria offer vehicle magnets as a non-permanent way of branding and vinyl cuts for permanent branding. They have the best vinyl for vehicle wrapping and colour changes, the vinyl is called the supreme wrapping film with a 3-year warranty and there is no glue residue upon removal of vinyl. They offer professional branding in a variety of colours. Contact them today!

Swimming Pool Nets

  Swimming Pool Nets - Saving Lives How fortunate I am to play a small part in encouraging swimming pool owners to ensure that their pools are safe. I count myself lucky to be involved with a company like SA Pool Nets and Covers that manufactures and installs swimming pool safety nets. Because of them hundreds of drownings are prevented every year. The owner, Louis, approached me in December 2012 to create a website for his company. Seven years of creating awareness regarding swimming pool safety. That's how I see it. The photo at the top of the page came to my inbox from Google telling me that more than 20 000 people have viewed the image since it has been put up on the Internet.  It's not the most glamorous picture but you can bet that it brought a profound message to the visitors viewing it. That picture and the others on the website together with the review I wrote for Louis' company have prompted many visitors to have swimming pool nets and covers installed in their po

Multi Temperature Palletised Road Freight Load Consolidation in South Africa - 2021

  Introduction LMC Express (Pty) Ltd was established in 1997 to transport multi-temperature (refrigerated and dry pallets) loads across South Africa. With offices in major cities such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg they regularly transport palletised consignments for customers. Their most popular route is between Cape Town and Johannesburg which they service four times per week. During this time, they have grown from strength to strength and have enabled their customers to grow their business. LMC Express Services They transport dry, chilled, and frozen products – and non-refrigerated transport They have dedicated days they travel on all major routes in South Africa Pallet specifications safeguards their customers against shortages and damages, if adhered to They pledge to deliver your valued product in the same condition in which they collect it, or your money back (Terms and Conditions apply) Temperatures Frozen products are at temperatures of -25° Celsius Chilled products ar

2021 Dyna Tuning

  RBTS Racing are local Dyna Tuning & Engine Management Specialists. Situated in Kempton Park. With their Dastek 4 Wheel Drive wind tunnel dyno, owners with Subaru's, Mitsubishi Evolution's, Nissan Skyline's, Land Rovers and Bakkies are all welcome. Spitronics, Haltech, and MoTec: they do the installations, fault finding, and mapping for these locally available world-class systems.   RBTS Racing specialize in the tuning of all local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems such as Spitronics, Dicktator, Gotech, Powermods, and Mr. Turbo, etc. They also tune all International Engine Management Systems such as AEM, Haltech, Hondata, Motec, etc.   They are Dastek Unichip agents.   RBTS Racing  has demonstrated that they provide excellent customer service. Therefore, they have been added to the  Aw-Sum CommunityDirectory . Contact them now for dyno tuning requirements.