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A Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas  To all my family, friends, clients and readers. It's a time to reflect on what's really important in life and what friendship means. May you have big dreams for your future and share your love as far and as wide as possible. You are all precious to me. My world would be much smaller and lonelier without you. Be safe, filled with peace and love this Christmas time. Thanks to all of you for regularly reading my blog posts.

Let The Power Carry You Through.

Fun in the sun, lazing on the beach after a refreshing swim in the Indian Ocean in December 2013. This is what living is all about. When I look at this photograph it inspires me to ensure that I make time to unwind like this again. At the time I visited my son and his lovely family in Kwa Zulu Natal. Quality time was spent with them and I also swam with my granddaughter in the surf. She really enjoyed that. If I focus on this picture and close my eyes I can still imagine the setting, the sound of the waves, the smell of the salt water and the warm sea sand under my towel.  What I love about swimming in the ocean is the immense power of the currents and the waves. Most of the time you can only go with the flow because the forces are so great. When you body-surf and the wave crashes on you you realise how powerless you really are. That's when you learn to work with these forces to get the most out of the experience. Isn't life like that sometimes? When you have d

Tomorrow Starts Today.

This is what happens early in the morning when most people are snuggled up in their cosy beds. I go out for a refreshing ride on my mountain bike. It rained through the night and there were delightful puddles of water to splash through, a blessed relief from the awful drought. I followed a different route this morning involving fast downhills and tortuous uphills - no boredom there! In May of this year I had a scary episode with my heart. The doctor recommended that I go for an angiogram and then have stents implanted in my arteries. Well I survived without that and was determined to recover naturally. After my return from Parys I was all pumped up to get fit and ready for another race, but the episode with my heart was a huge disappointment causing me to change those ideas for a more sedate life. But deep inside of me that isn't who I am. I am the never-give-up-never-give-in kind of guy - nothings going to get me down. So eventually I am getting back on track to where I wan

Swimming Pool Safety Nets

They have created the safest pool nets at SA Pool Nets & Covers. All installations are supervised by the owner. Years of experience and proper care in ensuring customer satisfaction makes their swimming pool nets the right choice. Many South African homes have a pool and it is wise to make sure that children and pets are always protected from accidents and kept safe. SA Pool Nets & Covers will gladly provide interested people with a quotation according to their needs. There is an explanation on how to measure your pool on their Contact page before phoning for the free quotation. This is the start of the holiday season and we want to avoid unnecessary accidents and tragedies that may happen to our precious children or pets. Why not have a look at what they have to offer on their website. They also support the Rhino Fund which goes towards the protection of endangered wild Rhino. To view some of their work you can follow the link http://www.sapoolnetsandcovers.