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Win A Free Audio Book - Charlotte Roth

One of my favorite authors, Charlotte Roth has just recently launched her book, Lost In Seattle, as an audiobook. On her Facebook page , she announced: " Charlotte Roth - author July 16 at 7:51 PM  ·  ***NEW RELEASE GIVE AWAY*** I'm so excited. My very first book was just released as an audiobook, and the narrator, Hope Dorman, is amazing as Ella Jensen. To win a copy, just tag friend and you might both win a copy  ;-) Winner will be randomly picked by my two in-house judges (my kids  ;) ) Good Luck & Happy Monday ." This announcement is probably time-sensitive so give it a shot. She is a great lady!!   <3" 

Cherry Picker Training

For real, relevant and relationship-based training, talk to SA Platforms . They won’t waste your time. For comprehensive and professional Mobile Elevating Lifting Platform Training, which is endorsed by the Services Seta and Institute for Work at Heights (IWH), they offer: Full course for novices (Minimum 3 days) License re-certification course (Minimum 2 days) Recognition of Previous Learning (RPL) option (Minimum 2 days) Type-specific training is also available (1 day per type) Note: all learners attending our courses, will be given in addition to usual learning material: Laminated pocket pre-inspection checklist Laminated pocket risk analysis checklist Actual A4 risk analysis and pre-inspection documentation ready for use Contact details: Marcell – 082 850 5226 – SA Platforms is an excellent company that rents and sells Cherry pickers under the Genie brand. Since they started a few years ago they have experienced incredible growt

Water Safety - Pool Covers

Water safety is of utmost importance. There is a video where a child manages to climb on the fence surrounding the pool and he easily unlocks the pool gate in seconds. What a scary sight. Children and pets – sometimes even adults – can’t swim. They need your protection if you have a pool. Accidents happen unexpectedly. We hear regularly in the news about loved ones drowning in swimming pools and the trauma that they suffer because of the tragic loss. Maybe you are visiting with a friend and your attention is somewhere else and didn't notice that your beloved child had slipped away to explore the yard. Sounds familiar but incidences like these occur when you don’t want them to. Make a wise decision to safeguard your pool by adding a proper swimming pool net. DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE because how would you ever measure the cost of a life? A pool safety net is definitely the answer because it is the last barrier to protect your pool should a toddler manage to access the swim

Blood Moon Stories

Everyone is hyped up about the biggest lunar eclipse of the century. Those of us who were able to witness this unusual spectacle were awestruck by this unusual phenomenon. It was cool, as the younger generation put it. In ancient times there might have been rituals and sacrifices accompanying the event among the moon worshippers. Chaldeans had many gods and the moon was one of them. No wonder we still add phrases like blood moon to our description of this lunar eclipse. Just Google the subject and you get tons of information like " The blood moon prophecy was a series of apocalyptic beliefs promoted by Christian ministers ." But I remember my own blog posts of 2013 when I used "There be a bad moon out tonight." It wasn't anything bad at all. I was just adding some fun to my stories. Here are my stories: With all the excitement of yesterday, we were really looking forward to another wonderful, sunny day, but it never happened because a chill came along