Cycle Competition 2015

Three years after our last Southern Skies 24 Hour Race in Parys and another invitation to compete this year again. If we enter, what lies ahead for us? Are we still up to the challenge?

mountain bike team from 2012

At this moment I don't know who will be in our team, but this is a picture of our members in 2012. My wife and I are on the far left and my son-in-law and daughter are on the far right. 

In terms of preparation my wife, Maggie, and I would have to start practising daily to get ourselves back into shape again. We also need to have our mountain bikes serviced. Besides that we also need to make sure that our camping gear and equipment are all ready. We would have to get some powerful LED lights for riding at night. Maybe I should consider taking a voice recorder along so that I don't miss out on recording events as they are happening - better for blogging about our experiences afterwards.

Keeping a record of experiences like these are great for when I'm older and don't feel like doing something as demanding as a 24 hour race. Why do I still race at the age of 62? Because that is just a number and also because I can. Besides that I love it too.

I would like to get some more photos of the horses again and this time I definitely need to take some night shots of the dark forest with the eerie (strange and frightening - I looked it up) reflection of my LED night light on the wet vegetation there. Last time Maggie was knocked off her feet by a crazy cyclist trying to break the land speed record going like a bat out of hell downhill. I should have my camera ready for situations like that.

Okay, so let's see what happens this time around. Looks like a whole new adventure.


  1. Dad Mom, we look forward to the adventure and the challenge of the 24 Hour Southern Skies mountain bike event, for Janine your Daughter your grand kids Joshua Aura and Seth and your son in law Sean, we are so blessed and privileged to be able to face this adventure with you both. No matter what this event throws at us Sun Rain night laughter we will face it like a family. We are so proud of you both Dad and Mom for taking on this adventure at your young ages (like you said its just a number), your a inspiration and a role model. Thank you.

    Lets do this, cause we can, the difference between us and the others are we are build for this adventure, no amount of money not a medal nothing can compare to the memories we will take away from this event yet again its priceless specially as we will be doing it with you both., Bring on Saturday 11 April 2015 (68 days and counting)


  2. Let's see what happens next year.


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