I Painted a Horse

A watercolour painting of a horse by Ron Ashworth - Tack at Tim's
Who can resist a beautiful picture of a horse? These elegant animals are majestic and have served mankind for centuries. Many stories have been written about them. They have featured in movies, used to transport stagecoaches across America, transported cavalry across borders into battle. They have ploughed fields, been used to pull chariots for ancient Greeks and Romans. Horses have been raced to enrich people financially. They have been entered into show jumping events. The list goes on.

Horses have also roamed the prairies in the wild and that is one way to remember them well. When a picture comes across one’s path that looks so beautiful, we stop and admire it. In my case I decided to paint this one – my very first painting of an animal in watercolours. I am sure a lot of people seeing my painting will know that painting with watercolours is not the easiest thing to do because mistakes happen, and the water paint goes where you don’t want it to go a lot of the time. It doesn’t matter how careful you are. It just does its own thing.

After watching Heartland and When Calls the Heart and lately Yellowstone, I love horses even more.

It is also to celebrate an awesome client who runs an equestrian and tack shop called Tack at Tim's in a centre called Uncle Tim's Lifestyle Centre near a place called Brentwood Park, Benoni in South Africa. Eloise's shop in that centre. It has a good range of equine products for horse care and riding gear as well. She takes good care of patrons and has a very likeable personality. 

Please visit www.aw-sum.co.za/tack-at-tims to see some of her products. I wrote another article on the subject of horses over here. I believe horses are very special because they are so sensitive and we can learn a lot from them as people.


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