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Chiropractic Benefits Your Life

Dr. Felix Starker asked me to share some photos of him riding his horse in a competition. He is an avid equestrian enthusiast and rides competitively - winning in his class at this show! Chiropractic is also his lifestyle and Dr. Felix Starker leads by example in improving the lives of others through his chiropractic practice. There is a case study about chiropractic treatment changing a life for the better that I recently shared on my blog. It’s about a 35-year-old white female elementary school teacher that suffered from chronic neck and midback pain for 5 years following a motor vehicle collision. The source: Journal of Molecular and Genetic Medicine . In another article , I shared some important information dispelling the myth that Chiropractic adjustments only help musculoskeletal pain or injuries. Truth: Chiropractic is proven to help musculoskeletal and organ health while also positively influencing every aspect of human performance. Read more about the subject here

MDK Workshop Solutions - Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lifts, Lubrication Systems and Garage Equipment. OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems. All these terms sound very technical and specialized, and they are. Fortunately for owners of garages, transport companies, and vehicle service centers MDK Workshop Solutions is a company with a good record doing installations and maintenance on these systems. As a registered OILPRO installer and distributor they install custom vehicle lifts and do maintenance and repairs to keep things running smoothly. I met the owner and was asked to create a website for him. Their services include: • Lift and Lube installation and repairs • Servicing of all types and makes of lifts • Installation and repairs of Oil, Water, and Air systems • Installation and repairs of Oil and Grease pumps • Installation, repairs, and calibration of OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems Areas they service include: Gauteng Free State  Northern Cape  Northwest Province  Limpopo

Fishing Nets - Rhino Nets

Rhino Nets specialize in fishing nets. Because the owner, Kevin Williams, is an avid angler he decided to design and manufacture the perfect fishing net. When I received a call from Kevin to create a website for his fishing nets I was amazed at the beauty of his nets. They look colourful and strong. The design is also something I’ve never seen before. After you’ve unhooked your catch you drop the fish into the net via a spring-loaded trap door. Now, only a seasoned fisherman would think of that. The circular design is constructed of very strong materials, is collapsible for transportation, and comes with a portable stand that also can be taken apart. He even designed nifty bags that you can stow the fishing nets in. It is a neat and compact system. They also come in different colours to choose from. If you go to their website, you will see all the beautiful products that I photographed for the website. There are keepnets and stands, weighing mats for anglers, bucket holder ba

School Photography Done Professionally

School photographs get taken every year of pupils in their school uniforms to create a lasting memory. The high performers usually line up with their collection of certificates, cups, and medals. It is a proud moment for them. Some of the pupils do so well academically and in sports that there's sometimes hardly any room for all their awards. Other pupils, without the accolades, also proudly pose for their school pictures to be taken. They know that their parents want to see them at their best in their uniforms. The photos will be shown to grandparents, family, and friends. For the photographer, it is a very busy occasion. The lighting has to be just right and an appropriate backdrop has to be set up. Not all the children are always in the mood for photographs so the school photographer has to get them to smile. Then there's a shirt to be tucked in or a tie to be straightened - which could spoil the photo. Or their hair isn't combed nicely. So attention to detail is