Get Your Vehicle Serviced at Supa-Fit (Bredell)


SUPA-FIT & Mechanical Workshop

Supa-Fit Mechanical Workshop in Bredell

Now situated at plot 281, 3rd Avenue, Bredell, SUPA-FIT & Mechanical Workshop is the ideal place to have your car or truck serviced, repaired or get a new set of tyres and batteries.


Full Service & General Repairs

Oil Lube Service

Wheel Alignment

New Tyres

Mag Wheels


Free Flow Exhaust

Tow bars

Roll Bars



Brake Skimming

Truck Tyres

Suspension Repairs

CV Joints


Turbo Conversion


Spray Painting

Supa-Fit are now getting well-established at their new mechanical workshop premises in Bredell. The Supa-Fit website shows that their setup is pretty good, and they always strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship. Supa-Fit is an RMI registered mechanical workshop. Give them a call. You'll find their prices reasonable and their service friendly.

Footnote: They are servicing trucks as well.


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