Matric Farewell Photo Shoot

Matric farewell couple photographed by Ron Ashworth

The Matric Farewell at Maranatha Christian School on 13 October 2017 was a special occasion for me because I could try out my Canon 1DX Mark II in ever-changing late afternoon lighting conditions. The addition of a decent flashlight contributed to my success. The photo above of a stunning couple made life even easier. 

I only needed to make a tiny adjustment to brighten the photo ever so slightly. It was very sharp just the way I took it. The girl's makeup was picture perfect. When I enlarged it for a closer look in Photoshop it was perfectly focused even when I zoomed right into their faces. This is a close crop from a portrait picture and all the fine detail is there. I couldn't have asked for better results.

DKW car photographed by Ron Ashworth

They arrived in a shiny DKW car.

Smiling couple photographed by Ron Ashworth

A closeup in the car.

The couple have just arrived - car in the background

The couple have just arrived - car in the background

Couple arriving on the red carpet

They got the royal treatment arriving on the red carpet.

Couple posing for a nice photo.

This is the same photo as the one at the top (uncropped). I couldn't have asked for better subjects to photograph at the Matric Farewell. They were just picture perfect and the photo shoot was flawless. They arrived in all sorts of fancy cars, motorbikes, and even on a specially painted wheelbarrow. The drivers of the sportscars entertained the crowd by revving their motors much to everyone's delight.

And my grandson, looking very handsome with his lovely companion.

All photographs were taken by Ron Ashworth.


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