Rent a Cherry Picker/Lifting Platform

Rent a Cherry Picker/Lifting Platform


Rent a Cherry Picker/Lifting Platform

Rent a lifting platform, also known as a cherry picker, from SA Platforms in Vanderbijlpark and you get exceptional service. 

SA Platforms have been renting out cherry pickers since 2013. That's when I first wrote about them:

"There are many types of cherry picker machines, some of which are trailer mounted and driven by diesel motors or electric or even both. To get a better idea of some of the most popular machines you can go to to have a look. The company that specializes in renting or selling these machines called cherry pickers is SA Platforms."

On September 02, 2015, I wrote the following:

SA Platforms now have a mobile responsive website at They continue doing a fantastic job of renting or selling cherry pickers and mobile lifting platforms of various configurations to companies needing these machines. They also provide excellent training to operators of these machines. Well done!

So, I kept on reporting about what this company was up to because I really believed in them since they focused on customer satisfaction and did very good training for cherry picker operators. They first operated from Sasolburg and then moved to Meyerton, always renting out the following lifting machines:

• Scissor Lifts

• Telescopic Boom Lifts

• Articulated Boom Lifts

• Arial Work Platforms

On December 20, 2017, I once again mentioned this company along with a whole lot of other companies I did work for because I really enjoy writing my blog posts. Nowadays I sometimes forget to write as often as I used to, but I should really get back to my blogging. I see visitors still enjoy some of my articles like chiropractic healthcare or Karate - Self Defence at Shorei Martial Arts Academy (Kempton Park) and Absolute Frame - Absolute Glass (Kempton Park)

With Spring coming along I will most likely be cycling again. Who knows if I will come up with another spooky story like this one: 

"A night-time garden scene like the movie Avatar seemed to play itself out before my eyes. The light on my helmet burst in all directions off the wet leaves in that forest in a surreal way, glowing with fluorescent brilliance – a virtual magical spectacle."

or this one Blood Moon Stories.

I know this is an unusual article about different things, but this is what New Dimensions turned out to be - new experiences.


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