Dr. Felix Starker Chiropractor (Kempton Park)

Dr. Felix Starker Chiropractor

Dr. Felix Starker is a chiropractic healthcare professional situated in Kempton Park, East Rand, Gauteng. His hands-on approach to health care includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment, using joint and spinal manipulation with his broad range of chiropractic experience.

I was introduced to him recently to design a website for his practice by a friend who regularly visits him. I found him to be very knowledgeable and professional. It was my opportunity to learn more about his field of expertise.

Last year I was plagued with severe back pain and desperately sought relief. A visit to a GP didn't help and a friend suggested that I try her chiropractor who had helped her husband. Because my condition was so severe that I could barely walk a few steps and sitting was almost impossible, I decided to book an appointment for treatment.

Needless to say, I ended up feeling worse. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get rid of the back pain. Because of that experience, I decided to not repeat any visits to a chiropractor again. Now I realize that my decision was based on just one experience.

During one of my visits to Dr. Felix Starker, he asked me if he could examine me. Feeling rather anxious about it I agreed very reservedly. After all, the last time I was touched by a chiropractor I came off second best. What was I going to have to endure this time?

He was so patient and gentle that I hardly noticed what he had done. In no time he was done and asked me if I felt better. Wow! I thought. Where was Dr. Starker last year when I was in so much pain? From that moment on I had complete respect for people like him. He absolutely knew what he was doing. No physical rough-stuff. Just gentle treatment that I hardly noticed and I was as right as rain again. He reminded me of my dentist - always careful and considerate when treating patients.

The idea with the website is to convey the benefits of treatment, valuable information about chiropractic and depicts well-being with people looking healthy and happy. After receiving first-hand treatment from the doctor himself I have a better understand of chiropractors and really like his way of treatment.

So I highly recommend Dr. Felix Starker and suggest you contact him for a consultation if you are in the East Rand or Kempton Park area. His contact details are on his website.


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