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 When You Need to Work at Height

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It starts with an idea. A big project. The idea is a solution to a need. The need could be new headquarters for a company. When I drive towards the R24 freeway from my home I notice huge complexes that have been erected recently where there used to be empty spaces next to the highway. Some of them are warehouses and some factories. Nevertheless, all required roofs and some other structures or fittings much higher than ground level. 

In cases like these you can find the right solution when you search online and come across a leading lifting platform company like the one I found. They had the following to say: 

“So, you need to work at height, but you need a platform or something to work on because it is out of reach. The usual or obvious choice that comes to mind is to build a scaffold as your working platform.  

To hire scaffolding can be quite costly but it comes with limitations and can be expensive and time-consuming to put into place. There is another option that could work out more cost-effective and quicker to get the job done. The solution to the problem lies in something that is mobile and can help you work at various heights and is faster than scaffolding. It is called a cherry picker or lifting platform from SA Platforms. Our motto is Lifting you higher and safer.” 

lifting platforms - working high above ground level - SA Platforms

SA Platforms has many options for you to choose from: 

  • Trailer mounted cherry picker 
  • Scissor Lifts 
  • Articulated Boom Lifts 
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts 
  • Aerial Work Platforms 

 All these lifting platforms are designed to assist you in different circumstances, but they all have something especially important in common – they safely and effortlessly lift you higher so that you can do work high above the ground. 

SA Platforms have been helping companies in three areas. That is rentals, sales, and training. When you think they are the go-to company for cherry pickers and lifting platforms then you are right. They are friendly and helpful and will give you the right advice when you need it. 


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