5 Handy Swimming Pool Tips

Here are 5 handy tips to make your pool a better place and a pleasure to enjoy.

Swimming Pool Tips

1. Protect your pool with a custom-made safety net using tried and tested methods which comply with SABS and ISO standards. Installation is supervised by the owner. Read more

Pool Net

2.  Save on water, electricity, chemicals and maintenance by installing a PVC  multi-purpose pool cover. This also keeps dust and leaves out of your pool. Read more

Pool Cover

3. By fitting a solar blanket to your pool you can save money and also reduce your pool’s carbon footprint. It increases the water temperature so that you can enjoy your swimming and also keeps dirt and dust out of the pool. Read more

Solar Blanket

4. Another option is to fit Solguard, the best solar heating cover available. It increases the swimming pool temperature by up to 8° C through solar energy gain. This can extend your pool season by up to 2 months. Comes in 500 micron with a 4 year pro-rata warrantee. Read more


5. For added insurance and safety you can add a safety net alarm that is weather-proof and solar powered. It can also be linked to an armed response company. Read more

Pool Alarm

These tips or ideas may seem obvious, but they do have real benefits in terms of water savings and running costs of your swimming pool. There are safety benefits and a warmer swimming experience too. Thanks for having a look.


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