COVID-19 Walking-Day 2

Collage of pictures  with cyclists, runners, and fields. COVID-19 Walking Day 2

Day 2 of our walking started a bit more organised because I understood the exercise app on my phone better. We left at 6:14 am and I noticed that we didn't have our masks on so we went back to fetch them and started over. 

As you can see from the photo above (lower left) it was earlier and darker. Slight puffs of pink streaky clouds decorated the blue sky. It was another glorious morning and the birds cheered us on.

Because it was earlier than yesterday we didn't expect to see the same people along the way. However, there are certain spots where our course was going to intersect with others and it did. You can see that today I secretly photographed them as they passed us and greeted us. I made their photos small so that it's impossible to make out who they are.

Ron and Maggie on their route with the canopy of trees behind them

These photos above are of myself and Maggie walking on the road that passes by the school in our neighbourhood. You can see the beautiful trees that form a canopy over the road going into the distance. By the way, I'm turning 68 in just over a month from now and Maggie and I love the walking and the fresh air. It's far better than being cooped up in a house all the time. As much as we love being at home we also enjoy stretching our legs.

You can see from the photos above that I get a kick out of photographing people and things. Here I was using my latest iPhone 11 Pro Max and I just love the way it captures those colourful skies. Because this blog is not about photography I have reduced the sizes of the photos so that they load faster. Hence we lose quite a lot of the quality.

After the walk we had to go to a big shopping complex to send off some masks that Maggie had made for my son and his family and to buy some shoes. Luckily we arrived just as the centre had opened because when we left there was a massive queue outside of people waiting to enter.

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