Beautiful Flowers

Beautiful flower - a red rose from my garden

It's Springtime!

Beautiful flowers decorate our gardens with wondrous colours and call out for the early rains to come and soak the ground with life-giving water. As we stroll by our senses detect the delightful aromas of beautiful flowers liven up our gardens in all their glory. What more do we want? Life is more than things. Experience the sun on your face. Smell those flowers mingled with other scents. 

Take a deep breath and let the experience flood your soul. Think of love, laughter, excitement, and beauty. Let the light morning breeze caress your soul. Listen to the birds in the distant. You are alive with light and all your senses awaken as you delight in the explosion of colour and fragrances of nature. For that moment you become aware that you are much more than just a body. You are also beautiful, a multi-dimensional expression of our Creator. Just like a beautiful flower you also light up the world around you if you remember this moment and smile! See more beautiful flowers at another site I am working on.


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