Tomorrow Starts Today.

This is what happens early in the morning when most people are snuggled up in their cosy beds. I go out for a refreshing ride on my mountain bike. It rained through the night and there were delightful puddles of water to splash through, a blessed relief from the awful drought. I followed a different route this morning involving fast downhills and tortuous uphills - no boredom there!

In May of this year I had a scary episode with my heart. The doctor recommended that I go for an angiogram and then have stents implanted in my arteries. Well I survived without that and was determined to recover naturally.

After my return from Parys I was all pumped up to get fit and ready for another race, but the episode with my heart was a huge disappointment causing me to change those ideas for a more sedate life. But deep inside of me that isn't who I am. I am the never-give-up-never-give-in kind of guy - nothings going to get me down. So eventually I am getting back on track to where I want to be. As they say, "Tomorrow starts today!"

Going out before the crack of dawn gives me the opportunity to see how the world wakes up at the start of a new day. The plants, trees, birds, cats, dogs and neighbourhood all come to life slowly like a flower opening up for the first time revealing its inner beauty. The air is crispy fresh and heavy with moisture. The start of this day was almost like a gentle, slow beginning to a brand new symphony. I passed a few super-bikes parked in formation beside the road, two guys chatting and looking at me and a young woman sitting on the side-walk smoking and smiling at me as I passed by.

Life is meant to be lived and experienced and shared, whatever the circumstances. Tomorrow is but a dream of what is to come, but the present is just that, a glorious gift to be cherished as a precious memory in time to come. I was going to end with that, but there's more to say.

Age is but a state of mind. The best way to influence others is to live what you preach to everyone all the time, because your life is a storybook that other people are reading moment by moment, day by day. If you are not authentic, then people will eventually pick it up and be wiser.

The good people at Google and the Internet have made this platform available so that I can write about life and things and express myself in my own unique way. That is who I am and I do things differently and in the way that I want to and on various topics. It is not to please others nor to attract a certain audience so that I can somehow influence them. That would be manipulation and there are plenty of people doing that.

So thank you for reading my blog, whether it is about myself or writing about someone's products or services. This is my style, straightforward and true.


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