Southern Skies 2015

Southern Skies 2015 24 Hour Race was great. This year the weather was sunny with a slight chill in the air. We arrived in Parys on Friday afternoon and found the perfect spot to camp. A little while later Sean, Janine and kids arrived and we pitched our tents and unpacked our gear.

The new additions to our team were Wouter and Mundy. Maggie and I visited the registration counter and also bought some new riding gear. When they announced that the course was open for a test run I was all for it and went for the ride to see what they had created.

After climbing and climbing over various sections I finally came across the most awesome downhill stretch. Throwing caution to the wind I allowed my bike to build up speed and I literally flew down the single track as my full suspension mountain bike glided effortlessly over uneven patches. I was tempted to look down at the bike computer on the handlebars to see how fast I was going, but decided that all my attention was needed to remain in the narrow groove of the track. One mistake and I would have ended up in the casualty ward - not for me, thank you!

At the bottom there was another climb up the hill followed by a longer downhill ride past the cemetery. Time for another bob-sled run, but caution was necessary due to loose sand and pebbles. All okay and I passed the graveyard, which was dead quiet as usual (couldn't resist that) and hit the level section on clumpy grass that ran along a wall of green in a field stretching into the distance as the light began to fade dramatically.

By then I was navigating by the LED light on my bike as the path went winding like a dizzy snake all over the place between trees - what a delightful change. Rounding a corner I discovered the horses grazing in an adjacent field.

A little further to go and I was home and safe, welcomed by the doof-doof sound coming from the venue hall. Time to share my experience with the rest of the team and enjoy a mug of steaming coffee.

Maggie and Ron at Parys

Maggie my wife

Ron - me on my bike

Thanks to the team, Southern Skies, RWS, SRB Transport, Chop Chop Paintshop and Professional Nail & Beauty in Kempton Park. My wife and I really appreciate you for making it possible for us to enjoy this event. There is a lot more that I could say, but a post that is too long isn't all that good. It's just wonderful to share a story and some pictures with awesome people like you all over the world - and I mean it. There are readers literally all over the world. Thanks for reading.


  1. It's not every day that two golden oldies can ride in a competition like this.


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