Dodgy Characters on the Internet

A while ago someone emailed me from LinkedIn to be a contact. He looked very honest and open and said that he was new to the site. So I accepted him. Not long after that he sent me another email saying he was interested in investing money overseas - he was from the UK, I think. According to him he was an electrical engineer. What he wanted from me was a business plan so that he could decide on a joint venture. When I checked his email address a red flag went up in the back of my mind.

In response I asked him why he had such an unusual email address.Guess what, he never came back with an answer, which tells me that he wasn't really who he made himself out to be. Imagine what could have happened if I gave him a full business plan! So, beware of people masquerading as someone else contacting you out of the blue with a proposal that sounds too good to be true.


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