Winter Wellness - w.h.i.p.s

Fight The Flu Wellness Health Insurance Pathology Services SA (w.h.i.p.s)  is one of the country’s largest providers of mobile health, medical and point of care services.
They invite you to join them on their journey to a healthier you and a complete wellness transformation of your corporate environment!
Each year the flu virus changes. In the winter of 2018, there was an intense outbreak of influenza in the northern hemisphere, evidently the deadliest in a number of decades, resulting in as much as 80 000 deaths (according to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).
Complications related to flu can be very serious often weakening heart conditions. They can also lead to pneumonia and be life-threatening. So there are a few suggestions that will help keep you safer and healthier during this winter.
Eat Healthier Eat fruit and vegetables containing Vitamin C and Zinc. Make sure that you regularly include citrus fruit (like oranges), peppers and broccoli for your Vitamin C i…
Workmaster always has something for their clients. This time they are introducing a special Conti Suit that is unique. It’s called a Come n Go Conti Suit. The reason for this is that when viewed from the front you will see a highly visible green upper half, but when you view from behind the upper half is hi-viz orange. This has a security aspect to the suit because you can see what’s happening at a distance and you will know who is facing you and who is standing with their backs to you. I think this is a handy workwear item.

This unique feature could be of benefit if you had two departments and you outfitted one department in normal Conti Suits and the other department in Come n Go Conti Suits. Then you would be able to distinguish between the two immediately.

Besides these differences, it’s vital to protect your workforce with high visibility workwear. It gives them the perception of wearing a uniform and is highly noticeable in the dark. It’s also good for avoiding accidents.

I thi…

School Photography - Gauteng

School photographs get taken every year of pupils in their school uniforms to create a lasting memory. The high performers usually line up with their collection of certificates, cups, and medals. It is a proud moment for them. Some of the pupils do so well academically and in sports that there's sometimes hardly any room for all their awards.

Other pupils, without the accolades, also proudly pose for their school pictures to be taken. They know that their parents want to see them at their best in their uniforms. The photos will be shown to grandparents, family, and friends.

For the photographer, it is a very busy occasion. The lighting has to be just right and an appropriate backdrop has to be set up. Not all the children are always in the mood for photographs so the school photographer has to get them to smile. Then there's a shirt to be tucked in or a tie to be straightened - which could spoil the photo. Or their hair isn't combed nicely. So attention to detail is impor…

Spades - Gardening Hardware (RJE Distributors)

A spade is one of the main tools used for digging holes in the garden. Without a decent spade, I normally battle. This spade from RJE Distributors has been added recently to my arsenal of tools I will be using to get my garden looking the way I want it.
During the winter months, we will be making some changes to our garden to make it more organized and looking much better. So far we have successfully grown granadillas, fig trees, and avocado trees in our front yard. However, there are patches of sand where the grass has refused to grow and in other places, wild grass has taken over where there once was grass. I suppose I am to blame because I have been too busy with work.
We plan to turn things around so that we can enjoy our garden again. The recent drought also played a major part in destroying much of its former glory. A fresh start can change that. So we are already removing unwanted weeds and wild grass. In the meantime, we have the trees and granadillas and some succulents that…

Mother's Day & Goodies Sports Bar Specials

Mother's Day and Sports Bar Specials at Goodies Restaurant in Glen Marais. With Mother's Day approaching, it's a good time to book your seats in advance to avoid the last minute rush and disappointment.
Their Goodies Restaurant Mother's Day Celebration Carvery Menu, as depicted in the photo above, is definitely going to be a feast that any mother will appreciate. The following mouthwatering food will be available: Homemade soupFreshly baked bread & rolls3 SaladsRoasted Beef ShirazRoasted PorkRoasted Rosemary ChickenBeef CurryCauliflower with cheese sauceCreamy SpinachRoasted ButternutFour Desserts Feast at this carvery for only R169.00 per person. Kids under 12 half price. Their website is at For bookings call: 011 391 8089.
In the meantime, if you haven't visited there yet, you can pop in at the Goodies Sports Bar. They have delicious specials on offer during the week. Monday to Friday 12h00 pm - 2h00 pm:2 Double Wellingtons & …

Strawberry Pot Project

I often wake up early in the morning to have a time of prayer and meditation. It's a good time to think about what's important to me as a person. The only distractions are my own thoughts and wandering mind. About a week ago I had a brainwave during one of these early morning sessions. Today the beginning of that idea became a reality.

This morning my wife and I visited Goodies4Gardens, our local nursery, to look for the perfect plastic pot for strawberries. And I found what I was looking for - a 12.5 cm terra round plastic plant pot with saucer from RJE Distributors (they supply nurseries and gardening shops). That was step number one.

About two years ago I bought a pot of strawberry plants from Goodies4Gardens. Since then the strawberry patch has grown and spread out over a whole section of our little backyard garden. Those strawberry plants have been branching out like crazy. My wife, Maggie, said we must get some pots for the young plants.

So I imagined getting one of the…

RBTS Racing - Awesome

Dyna Tuning - RBTS Racing
Engine Management & Dyna Tuning Specialists. All local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems - Spitronics, etc.
Spitronics, Haltech, and MoTec: We do the installations, faultfinding, and mapping for these locally available world-class systems.
They specialize in the tuning of all local Aftermarket Engine Management Systems such as Spitronics, Dicktator, Gotech, Powermods, and Mr. Turbo, etc. 
With their Dastek 4 Wheel Drive wind tunnel dyno, owners with Subaru's, Mitsubishi Evolution's, Nissan Skyline's, Land Rovers and Bakkies are all welcome.
They also tune all International Engine Management Systems such as AEM, Haltech, Hondata, Motec, etc.
They are Dastek Unichip agents.
They also do specialized mapping on Evo's, Subarus, and Toyota GT 86.
RBTS Racing has demonstrated that they provide excellent customer service and provide professional services. Therefore, they have been added to the Aw-Sum Community Directory.