Promtional Gifts - Philandria

Very pretty mug, tumbler and two water bottles are now on promotion at Philandria, the company I promoted two weeks ago in an article. These items are nice giveaways for companies that want to promote their brands.
Often, when I attend training seminars I get spoiled with similar items. They are always handy and a reminder of they events I attended. We recently had to do some photography for a creche and needed to take some sandwiches and hot tea along for when we were at the event. Guess what? My wife remembered that we had two lovely Neurolink flasks that we could use. So I decided to do a little trip into the past (on my blog) and found this.
This article is from 8th June 2014 when I was still relatively new to blogging. It focused on the cold. I decided to share it now since we recently witnessed the total eclipse of the moon.
The Sun, like an angry king, occupies center stage in our Solar System with glorious pomp. Gigantic flares periodically gush outwards from its massive diam…

Philandria - Corporate Gifts Promotion

A while ago I came across a delightful company within walking distance from my home. The manageress, by the name of Mariska de Jager, was very friendly and described all the services that Philandria offer clients. Their portfolio includes Vehicle Branding, CNC Lathe Machines Service and Refurbishing, all kinds of Printing Solutions - Business Cards, Company Stationery etc, Graphic Design which includes Logo Design and Branding. They offer Large Format Printing and Signage, Pamphlets, Flyers, Posters, Personalized Gifts, and Name Tags, Laser Cutting & Sandblasting, Premium Canvas Printing and Box Mounting. Philandria can also supply Corporate Gifts and Clothing. Suppliers of King Tony, Micro Tech & Unison Tools. Certainly, an impressive list of services.

With such a large portfolio they still manage to provide consistent quality and client satisfaction. This is evident from the testimonials from happy clients. So, I offered my services to redo their website and help spread the…

Dura Stone Paving – Paving Contractor Gauteng

Dura Stone Paving situated in Bredell on the East Rand have been producing exquisite paving solutions for the past 14 years. From cobble walkways to beautiful poolside paving and neat driveways.
Dura Stone Paving also manufacture all their own paving stones that come in a variety of colours: Desert SandLeopardTanSandstoneHyena Dove GreyCharcoal Natural
To ensure that they offer a wide variety of paving solutions that will accommodate different needs that clients may require their range extends from 100mm square to 400mm square with other configurations in between. These are all available in the colours mentioned above.
If you look at their recently created website you will notice that they have done some magnificent projects at schools, complexes, private homes, and business sites. Driveways, carport paving, poolside paving, and walkway paving are part of their forte. You will find that their work is of a very high standard and looks very neat and attractive.
Because they have been pr…

Safety Boots - Workmaster

Safety Boots - Why Wear Them? Safety boots are in a league of their own. They allow you to be comfortable while being productive in the workplace and are vital for protecting your feet at the same time. Safety boots can be found in the BOVA catalogue on the Workmaster website. You can get a pretty good picture of how complex these safety boots are and how packed they are with features that benefit the wearer. Starting at the top of the list let’s inspect the pedigree of these safety boots.
Podiatry Association of South Africa (PASA)PASA approved styles. They are ergonomically designed and tested to increase foot health. This ensures comfort because they are approved by qualified podiatrists.
Vibram TechnologyHere they have the world leader in rubber sole technology, Vibram. Renowned traction engineering technology ensures superior slip resistance.
Ultra-Fresh TechnologyAn Internationally patented microbial technology protects various products (even used in spacesuits) ensures a longer li…

Strawberry Pot Project Update

A while ago I decided to try growing strawberries in pots. Today I decided to photograph the progress so far with this project

My strawberry plant is already producing some fruit in the round plastic plant pot with saucer from RJE Distributors (they supply nurseries and gardening shops).

About two years ago I bought a pot of strawberry plants from Goodies4Gardens. Since then the strawberry patch has grown and spread out over a whole section of our little backyard garden. Those strawberry plants have been branching out like crazy. My wife, Maggie, said we must get some pots for the young plants.

Growing our own strawberries have been so pleasant because we get fresh strawberries from our garden and we eat them just after picking them - you don't get fresher than that. The strawberry plants in the back yard are still producing fruit that we enjoy on a regular basis.

So, my "strawberry plant in a pot" project is doing well. The latest photograph is a testimony to that. All I m…

Winter Wellness - w.h.i.p.s

Fight The Flu Wellness Health Insurance Pathology Services SA (w.h.i.p.s)  is one of the country’s largest providers of mobile health, medical and point of care services.
They invite you to join them on their journey to a healthier you and a complete wellness transformation of your corporate environment!
Each year the flu virus changes. In the winter of 2018, there was an intense outbreak of influenza in the northern hemisphere, evidently the deadliest in a number of decades, resulting in as much as 80 000 deaths (according to the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).
Complications related to flu can be very serious often weakening heart conditions. They can also lead to pneumonia and be life-threatening. So there are a few suggestions that will help keep you safer and healthier during this winter.
Eat Healthier Eat fruit and vegetables containing Vitamin C and Zinc. Make sure that you regularly include citrus fruit (like oranges), peppers and broccoli for your Vitamin C i…
Workmaster always has something for their clients. This time they are introducing a special Conti Suit that is unique. It’s called a Come n Go Conti Suit. The reason for this is that when viewed from the front you will see a highly visible green upper half, but when you view from behind the upper half is hi-viz orange. This has a security aspect to the suit because you can see what’s happening at a distance and you will know who is facing you and who is standing with their backs to you. I think this is a handy workwear item.

This unique feature could be of benefit if you had two departments and you outfitted one department in normal Conti Suits and the other department in Come n Go Conti Suits. Then you would be able to distinguish between the two immediately.

Besides these differences, it’s vital to protect your workforce with high visibility workwear. It gives them the perception of wearing a uniform and is highly noticeable in the dark. It’s also good for avoiding accidents.

I thi…