Hair Salon - New Updates - House of Hair Norkem Park

The now-famous House of Hair Salon in Norkem, a suburb of Kempton Park on the East Rand, has an updated website. All for customer convenience.
This hair salon has been around for 16 years and specialises in hair styling making use of well-known brands such as Matrix, Elumen, Goldwell, Hannon and Strands of Love. It's been a year now since the owner, Cornel, agreed to a new mobile-friendly website and a stunningly effective Facebook page.
Here are 3 testimonials:

Leandra Stemmet Cornel is a colour genius! Never ever walked out there not feeling happy. She knows what she is doing and tells her clients exactly what they can expect, the best hairdresser by far.

Riana Macdougal Cornel is a colour genius and uses quality products! Come out looking and feeling like a million dollars! Fabulous salon with friendly staff! Thank you, House Of Hair!!

Yvonne Roux Cornel is fantastiese, ek was so gelukkig met haar dienste.... ek het gister my vriendin na haar geneem. Nou is Lucy ook nog n gelukki…

Calendars 2018 - Make Yours Unique

Beautiful calendars for 2018 designed by Ron Ashworth. The calendar above was designed from a business card. The owner didn't have the original graphics or artwork. I just improvised and saw this as a challenge. I didn't even plan the design - it just flowed onto the page as I progressed. 
I have been designing calendars since 2004. Each calendar is a labour of love for my clients. When I take on a project for someone I like to individualize the design to suit the colours and logo. Sometimes the calendar is just for an individual, then there is no logo. But I still use my skills to make each calendar compliment the photo. That way every client can feel like the calendar is special to him or her. It's as if the calendar takes on the personality of each individual.
These calendars have been used as gifts for loved ones or for special clients of a company. What better way to be remembered all year round? Even with the advent of modern Internet connectivity, these calendars a…

Milestones 2017

The year started with great promise. We were involved with a huge project that took up a lot of our time. After months of frustrating toil, it led to a big zero and loss. I learned a hard lesson about human nature. Some people are totally dishonest and literally turn on you when things don’t go their way. All you can do is learn from such experiences and not repeat them.

The Takeaway
Communication is important. Make sure that the other party understands what is involved. Also, get a good idea of what their expectations are. Sometimes they build up a false picture of what they are going to get and what they are paying for. It’s better to get a rejection because you have clearly placed all your cards on the table. That was a disastrous start to the year. Learn to become a better communicator. Ask questions to make sure that you understand what they want.

So, the year didn’t start well, and I had all my eggs in the wrong basket. Nevertheless, I celebrated 25 years in business for myself…

Chiropractor Kempton Park

If you are looking for a good chiropractor in Kempton park then read this.
Dr. Felix Starker is a chiropractic healthcare professional situated in Kempton Park, East Rand, Gauteng. His hands-on approach to health care includes patient examination, diagnosis, and treatment, using joint and spinal manipulation with his broad range of chiropractic experience.
I was introduced to him recently to design a website for his practice by a friend who regularly visits him. I found him to be very knowledgeable and professional. It was my opportunity to learn more about his field of expertise.
Last year I was plagued with severe back pain and desperately sought relief. A visit to a GP didn't help and a friend suggested that I try her chiropractor who had helped her husband. Because my condition was so severe that I could barely walk a few steps and sitting was almost impossible, I decided to book an appointment for treatment.
Needless to say, I ended up feeling worse. I couldn't understan…

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities Update
There is a company that specialises in providing all the amenities, accessories and housekeeping items that hotels, lodges and guesthouses need. A special and up to date website was recently created to showcase the wide range kept by ASC Distributors. I was so impressed by their operation that I wrote an article about them.
Hotel Amenities can make a huge difference and provide that professional touch, as I discovered on a trip to the coast recently.
We finally found the small hotel on the side of the hill cosily nestled among the pines and pulled into the driveway. After the long drive, the afternoon heat had taken its toll on us. We were sweaty and irritable. Very tired.
After unpacking the car we booked in. Fortunately, our room had two bathrooms and my wife and I each grabbed one. I searched in vain for soap and shampoo in my case and realized that my dear wife had forgotten to pack those items. I opened the tap to run the bath water.
That's when I notic…

Stained Glass By Tiny Dot Studio

Stained glass door panels created by Petro of Tiny Dot Studio in Birchleigh, Kempton Park.
Stained glass looks magnificent in any window or door. It is considered an art form which reached its height in the Middle Ages and became a graphic form which was used to depict stories from the Bible - many people were illiterate back then.
To get a better idea of the history of stained glass you can visit Wikipedia where you will find lots of references and beautiful pictures relating to this noble form of art.
Stained glass is still popular today but often referred to as art glass. It is prevalent in luxury homes, commercial buildings, and places of worship. Artists and companies are contracted to create beautiful art glass ranging from domes, windows, backsplashes, etc. (source - Wikipedia). 
No doubt, when you stand inside a building and view a beautiful stained glass window lit by the sun, you stop and admire what you see just as you would a special painting.
So it would be interesting t…

Kruger Park Trips From Johannesburg

Oxpecker Tours offer well-run customised tours that include famous places like the  Kruger National Park. The promise is an exceptional value and Gerhard Marais says his way is comfort. He has been running Kruger Park trips from Johannesburg and is very experienced.

Ideally situated close to OR Tambo International Airport Oxpecker Tours are the perfect gateway to the Kruger Park.

Kruger National Park is truly the flagship of the South African National Parks. The vegetation ranges from riverine forests, grassy plains and semi-desert areas and it is the home of the Big 5 as well as various game and birdlife. There are diverse accommodation options ranging from chalets to luxury tents.

Every nature-lover should experience seeing the Big 5 in their natural habitat.

The Kruger Park is famous for an abundance of wildlife where you can enjoy the thrill of spotting wild lions, leopards, rhino, buffalo, and elephants. There are immersive Wilderness Trails where you can get up close and person…