MDK Workshop Solutions - Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lifts, Lubrication Systems and Garage Equipment. OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems. All these terms sound very technical and specialized, and they are. Fortunately for owners of garages, transport companies, and vehicle service centers MDK Workshop Solutions is a company with a good record doing installations and maintenance on these systems.

As a registered OILPRO installer and distributor they install custom vehicle lifts and do maintenance and repairs to keep things running smoothly. I met the owner and was asked to create a website for him.
Their services include: • Lift and Lube installation and repairs
• Servicing of all types and makes of lifts
• Installation and repairs of Oil, Water, and Air systems
• Installation and repairs of Oil and Grease pumps
• Installation, repairs, and calibration of OILPRO Oil Management Systems and PERMEX Systems

Areas they service include:
GautengFree State Northern Cape Northwest Province LimpopoLesotho Swaziland Zimbabwe B…


According to an article in Pool Safely drowning is a tragic cause of unintentional death among children ages 1 to 4, and drownings send an average of 5,900 children younger than 15 years of age to the emergency room each year. Practicing simple water safety steps can help keep your family safer around water.

If you are not sure where to begin, start with these steps:

Never leave a child unattended in or near waterTeach children how to swimTeach children to stay away from pool or spa drainsEnsure that all pools and spas – both in your backyard and at any public pool you may visit – have compliant drain coversInstall proper barriers, covers, and alarms on and around your pool and spaLearn how to perform CPR on children and adults When I bought a house with a swimming pool I immediately made sure that the pool was secure and that my children could all swim without getting into trouble. When visitors came over we always made sure that we were there to watch the children swimming.

But what…

Fishing Nets - Rhino Nets

Rhino Nets specialize in fishing nets. Because the owner, Kevin Williams, is an avid angler he decided to design and manufacture the perfect fishing net.

When I received a call from Kevin to create a website for his fishing nets I was amazed at the beauty of his nets. They look colourful and strong. The design is also something I’ve never seen before. After you’ve unhooked your catch you drop the fish into the net via a spring-loaded trap door. Now, only a seasoned fisherman would think of that.

The circular design is constructed of very strong materials, is collapsible for transportation, and comes with a portable stand that also can be taken apart. He even designed nifty bags that you can stow the fishing nets in. It is a neat and compact system. They also come in different colours to choose from.

If you go to their website, you will see all the beautiful products that I photographed for the website. There are keepnets and stands, weighing mats for anglers, bucket holder bags, fish…

School Photography Done Professionally

School photographs get taken every year of pupils in their school uniforms to create a lasting memory. The high performers usually line up with their collection of certificates, cups, and medals. It is a proud moment for them. Some of the pupils do so well academically and in sports that there's sometimes hardly any room for all their awards.

Other pupils, without the accolades, also proudly pose for their school pictures to be taken. They know that their parents want to see them at their best in their uniforms. The photos will be shown to grandparents, family, and friends.

For the photographer, it is a very busy occasion. The lighting has to be just right and an appropriate backdrop has to be set up. Not all the children are always in the mood for photographs so the school photographer has to get them to smile. Then there's a shirt to be tucked in or a tie to be straightened - which could spoil the photo. Or their hair isn't combed nicely. So attention to detail is impor…

Improvements in Quality of Life Through Chiropractic

Here is some interesting information about chiropractic treatment changing a life for the better. Once again Dr. Felix Starker has provided important and useful information about the benefits of chiropractic treatment.
Objective: To present a prospective case study on the increase of telomere length, improvement in nocturnal polyuria, neck and mid-back pain, autonomic nervous system adaptability, and health-related quality of life following correction of the sagittal cervico-thoracic spinal alignment and posture using chiropractic biophysics® (CBP®) technique.
Clinical features: A 35-year-old white female elementary school teacher presented with chronic neck and midback pain for 5 years following a motor vehicle collision as well as nocturnal polyuria. Examination and radiography revealed forward head posture and loss of cervical lordosis consistent with vertebral subluxation. Patient telomere length was derived from nucleated white blood cells obtained from a blood test. Qualit…

A Beautiful Spider Lily - Updated

Life is constantly changing with challenges and decisions every single day. Time is a good teacher because what was very good last year can change to something totally opposite this year. That is very true when it comes to certain people. You think you know them. But you only know the false side they are so good at bringing to the fore. What they allow you to see. Deep down inside lies something they have become good at hiding - something the opposite to their day to day character - ugliness.
On the other hand the majestic white spider lily flower above is genuine. No hidden dangers. It's pure. It is exactly as beautiful as it is. Nothing false about it. Maybe that's why good women love flowers. When you give them with a good heart they tell a story of honesty. Flowers are pure and beautiful. So you are giving something pure and beautiful - a perfect gift.
This spider lily flower was photographed with my Canon camera using a 50 mm lens on today the 11th of February 2018. I to…

Planet Perfect - Charlotte Roth

Do you have a dog? If yes, you might understand when I say that I don't know what makes me more excited--the release of my brand book or a picture of my puppy with it? I have officially become the crazy dog lady LOL. 

But, it is pretty exciting with my new book. It came out Wednesday and people are already connecting with it and reviews are ticking in.
What would you sacrifice to have the perfect life? is the basis of my new book, Planet Perfect--a captivating story that will keep you turning the pages, or, as one reader wrote, "It was an awesome story that in a few parts I felt like I was going to break my kindle trying to turn the pages as fast as I could." 
You can check it out here. Thank you and happy reading!
Speaking of happy reading... What book are you currently reading/planning to read next?  I would love to get some awesome suggestions to my own TBR. I just finished a book by one of my author friends and I really enjoyed it. It has raving reviews, too. You can check…