Brand Your Vehicle For Business

Ensure that your business is part of the new advertising trends. Make vehicle branding one of your top advertising priorities this year. In the 21st century digital and online marketing is highly effective and vehicle branding can complement this greatly.

A branded vehicle can act as a mobile display window for your company. Philandria is Avery accredited and only use the best vinyl in order to give you the perfect look on your vehicle branding.

Philandria offer vehicle magnets as a non-permanent way of branding and vinyl cuts for permanent branding. They have the best vinyl for vehicle wrapping and colour changes, the vinyl is called the supreme wrapping film with a 3-year warranty and there is no glue residue upon removal of vinyl. They offer professional branding in a variety of colours. Contact them today!

Dyna Tuning 2020

A 5-Star review is a big stamp of approval and is invaluable. Google Search Console provides these reviews to my inbox for some of my clients. The New Year 2020 has kicked off and the petrol heads will most probably be lining up at RBTS Racing for dyno tuning. If you fall in that category and expect the best performance out of your car then you should book as soon as possible.
ContactRBTS Racingfor world-classDyna Tuningand benefit from the special care taken during the tune-up.
If you are a new client to RBTS Racing you can view their website and visit their Facebook page for more information.

Gardening Hardware Stories

Gardening Hardware Distributor, RJE Distributors, sent me a few Garden Tools to try out. I was very pleased with them because I have a yard that always needs attention. My wife and I recently started giving more attention to improving our garden during December. The recent good rains have made the ground soft and perfect for weeding.
Unfortunately, we discovered that keeping a gardener wasn’t working out for us. Certain things were being done but when it came to thorn bushes and weeds it was a lost cause. Working in tandem, we started weeding the garden before Christmas. Each of us chose a spot. I must say that the thorn bushes are particularly difficult to remove. They are in between the grass and one has to use a special tool to get to the roots where it has a carrot-like bulb. If you don’t remove that together with the roots and plant, you are wasting your time.
I work early in the mornings and late in the afternoons to avoid the harsh sun. For some reason my skin gets melanoma-li…

From This Moment - New Year's Resolution 2020

"From this moment." Potent words backed by a powerful commitment and decision. Shania Twain made these words popular in her song by the same title. It has been sung at many wedding ceremonies, but they can also herald in life changing commitments, like a New Year's resolution.

I'm not one for these New Year's resolutions but this morning I decided it was time to commit to a change in my life. It's so easy to allow circumstances to influence what happens in one's life. To go with the flow and end up with regret and a feeling of despair.

Greatness follows the brave who dream big and have a clear vision of what they want their future to look like. When setbacks happen, they forge ahead relentlessly chasing their dreams. I was considering this last night. I offer a service to business owners to increase the visibility and effectiveness of their websites through SEO (known as search engine optimization).

It takes a certain amount of trust all round to make th…

Our Rich World!

On December 7, 2019 I started watching YouTube for a bit of relaxation. As a self-employed person looking after customers’ websites, I have spent most weekends this year working for other people and not having much time to relax and enjoy myself.

So, I could be excused for a bit of me time.

I started blogging round about 2012. (Although this one goes back to 2013). The idea was to have fun while writing about my experiences – a way of sharing. It started pretty well, and I had a great time, However, lately I have fallen into a rut. So, this is an attempt to get back into writing a bit about what I really enjoy and maybe you will have a better reading experience.

Just after I got married, I was fascinated by home-built aircraft and fanaticised about building my own.  It was a time when people in America were going crazy building all kinds of flying machines one could only dream of. I’m mad about flying machines and design and build and fly my own radio-controlled planes as a hobby. On …

Conti Suits - Workmaster

Conti suits and overalls are a very practical way to clothe your workforce engaged in construction, engineering and warehousing environments. It's like a uniform and has a protective element to it.
The reflective strips aid in visibility during the daytime as well as in the dark. It ensures less wear and tear to your staffs' normal attire and at the same time identifies the wearers as workers in certain sections. Besides that, I think it looks smart.
Workmaster, again provides all you need for protecting your workforce and have been engaged in the PPE industry long enough to be able to provide you with advice as well as the right clothing for your needs at a good price. Contact them today. They are ready to assist you!

Promtional Gifts - Philandria

Very pretty mug, tumbler and two water bottles are now on promotion at Philandria, the company I promoted two weeks ago in an article. These items are nice giveaways for companies that want to promote their brands.
Often, when I attend training seminars I get spoiled with similar items. They are always handy and a reminder of they events I attended. We recently had to do some photography for a creche and needed to take some sandwiches and hot tea along for when we were at the event. Guess what? My wife remembered that we had two lovely Neurolink flasks that we could use. So I decided to do a little trip into the past (on my blog) and found this.
This article is from 8th June 2014 when I was still relatively new to blogging. It focused on the cold. I decided to share it now since we recently witnessed the total eclipse of the moon.
The Sun, like an angry king, occupies center stage in our Solar System with glorious pomp. Gigantic flares periodically gush outwards from its massive diam…