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  Just another weekend taken up by work. On Friday I received an email with an update for a template that I bought a few years ago. I decided to play around with the template on Saturday but gave up in utter frustration. At least I know not to use it until I speak to its creator about some of the issues. Designing modern responsive websites can be very challenging. I spent a lot of time in January creating a website for another client. I was very close to completing it when the program crashed. All attempts to win back my hard work were futile. Sometimes it's the hardware that throws you a curved ball and other times the app you are using tosses a spanner in the works. Not to be deterred by all these things I continued with my work on another very important website on Sunday. This time things started falling into place and by the afternoon I had something really special for my client. I wanted to include a picture here but decided to rather leave it for another time. The reason why