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Stay Warm - Alberton Aircon Installer

I bet most people are rushing for their heaters with the recent cold spells this week. Temperatures have dropped sharply with snow already falling on the Maluti mountains. On top of that it has been raining all over the country, which adds to the feeling of being frozen. Unfortunately, heaters only warm up a small area. The perfect solution is a proper aircon unit that can warm up an entire room. I usually associate air conditioning with keeping a room cool in the summer months, but that is not the only function of a modern aircon unit. Besides also warming up the temperature an aircon can also filter the air from dust and other particles. You also get antibacterial spray with the units. Something extremely useful with germs and viruses in the air. This is especially important because you are cleaning and warming the air at the same time. Not only will you be making your working or domestic environment more comfortable and bearable during the cold months, but gloriously cooler i